Crepe Suzette

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Ingredients (serves 2)
50g Cake flour
15g Sugar
1 Egg (60g)
120g Milk
10g Butter (unsalted)
1 pinch of salt
1 Orange (with pleasant aroma)
150 - 200ml Orange juice
20g Sugar
20g Butter
10 - 20ml Cointreau (up to you)
10ml Grand Marnier (up to you)
Any ice cream you like. My favorite is cookies and cream.
悠久の絆 (by Akiyama Hirokazu):
For future generations (by D’elf / T, Takahashi):

Mohamed El Amine BENABDELKADER Dzień temu
How many times could you have someone throwing flame on crepes if jun wasn't here
الناب الابيض
الناب الابيض 2 dni temu
The knife chopped orange, I've got juice
GIJJIBEH 4 dni temu
Jun is out of this world I swear. The esthetic is incredible
Jessica Li
Jessica Li 7 dni temu
I love cats and I love food This couldn't be better He's a handsome man ❤️
Reina de Grillos
Reina de Grillos 8 dni temu
Such and elegant cook.
sanma noshioyaki
sanma noshioyaki 10 dni temu
احصائيات عالمية WORLD STATS
احصائيات عالمية WORLD STATS 10 dni temu
Man there is 1.5 billions Muslims don’t put alcohol 🍷 in the food they can’t drink alcohol 🍺
Sanap Adsense
Sanap Adsense 5 dni temu
Yes but technically the alcohol has evaporated so that shouldn't be a problem ...
Pelsom Adristi
Pelsom Adristi 13 dni temu
Wow that burning was so cool, i mean even his cat will agree me
luca merlo
luca merlo 15 dni temu
i see this video almost one milion time bros
Terrah Bruner
Terrah Bruner 17 dni temu
Nagi and Haku are probably thinking that’s orange like me
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 17 dni temu
My brother actually made this same dish on Mother’s Day last year *he used a bit to much alcohol* but it tasted pretty good, and he even flambéd the sauce and it looked so cool, so Jun your actually a really god inspiration to young cooks just by making these videos :D
Seelk 19 dni temu
ja od pani agnieszki
Peter Hruska
Peter Hruska 20 dni temu
The trick is to play shy and pretend like you just cook for staying alive... And then you pull off that one a few weeks in.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 20 dni temu
Can someone tell me what kind of portable stove that is?
Job Munene
Job Munene 21 dzień temu
Quite a skill.
Patriotic Dandelions
Patriotic Dandelions 21 dzień temu
This is my favorite cooking video! I love that it was dark and romantic and the cats were attentive. 💖
Orichino Cooking
Orichino Cooking 25 dni temu
Khali Syauqillah
Khali Syauqillah Miesiąc temu
So far from indonesian food...have u try sambal terasi and lalapan 😂😂
Elle Linda May
Elle Linda May Miesiąc temu
Wow, this video has so many interesting aspects - cats, candles, flaming food and the style and quality of this video are just top-notch. Loved it 😃.Keep 'em coming.
Homie Kid
Homie Kid Miesiąc temu
Impressive.. Really nice!👌
An Yue
An Yue Miesiąc temu
Jun, you should apply to the masterchef competition
Natasha Espinosa
Natasha Espinosa Miesiąc temu
So nice how he does it
Hanna Setiawan
Hanna Setiawan Miesiąc temu
Haku is so fascinated by his dad's magic tricks
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar Miesiąc temu
Those are not real cats. Real cats leap on anything they see charming
Iva Utinková
Iva Utinková Miesiąc temu
barbara fenton
barbara fenton Miesiąc temu
Long time since I had this .. you have just reminded me!! Looks so good 😍 I am so impressed at your kitts .. they were mesmerized 😊 I have 2 Maine Coons also .. beautiful!!
Alex Trex
Alex Trex Miesiąc temu
Anyone know what's the name of the portable stove used?
Rexter Miesiąc temu
how are you cooking in the dark
Hei pak Lam
Hei pak Lam Miesiąc temu
For some reason i am turned off by a guy who can cook, i like a guy who just make a huge mess in the kitchen lol... but a lot of girls like guys who cook
dacawone Miesiąc temu
Great cat video!! The crepes were cool too.
Star Lord
Star Lord 2 miesięcy temu
I love how the cats are just sitting there watching him cook
Karen Olson
Karen Olson 2 miesięcy temu
Wow...Jun!!! Your very Impressive!!! Classy Style!!!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 2 miesięcy temu
Who’s suzette and what makes her a creep?
fashiondesign designer
fashiondesign designer 2 miesięcy temu
vuyo lwetu jodwana
vuyo lwetu jodwana 2 miesięcy temu
I'm just entertained by these cats, they are so focused as if they are learning something
bintangs 2 miesięcy temu
Actual goals! Af
Not_yur_business 2 miesięcy temu
Crêpe Suzette = 30 of crêpe and 70 of alcohol 😭😭😭😂
Animexx love
Animexx love 2 miesięcy temu
And they say magic don't exist🙌😳🙌
François 2 miesięcy temu
I have a question Sir.... How many time do you let the crepes in the fridge for them time pause ? an hour ? or just many minutes ?
François 2 miesięcy temu
FANTASTIC !!!! That's a Artist and Thank You for the Show ( cette vidéo est très bien présentée simple très chaleureuse et elle ne manque pas d'arôme, elle est même mieux que celle présentée par un chez cuisinier meilleur ouvrier de France pour 750 gr.... ) Bref Merci Jun'sKitchen You'r Great
Kaos Mynd
Kaos Mynd 2 miesięcy temu
Hahaha when I saw the thumbnail I was thinking "Cat Flambé"! When we had a recent power failure I had to scramble to find containers for candles so my cats wouldn't set their fur on fire.
Life Katya
Life Katya 2 miesięcy temu
Спасибо за русские субтитры! У вас очень красивые видео, и кошки.😽💜
Ritika das
Ritika das 2 miesięcy temu
Oaishi 🥣🥠🥟🥡
Gavin Harrington
Gavin Harrington 2 miesięcy temu
Don't want cat litter and cat pubes in my food thanks
Yanantin 2 miesięcy temu
Nobody: My sims frying an egg: 3:42
matoko123 2 miesięcy temu
Christian Guignard
Christian Guignard 3 miesięcy temu
Superbe réalisation de ce merveilleux dessert français. Nous venons de le réaliser ce weekend, aussi dans les règles de l' art, et le résultat est incomparable.
やきたろうしがらき 3 miesięcy temu
love & peace
love & peace 2 miesięcy temu
ここに 居ます! 🙆‍♀️
Sinai Carmona
Sinai Carmona 3 miesięcy temu
It's as if everything is in harmony
Edunra Holdings
Edunra Holdings 3 miesięcy temu
pro style high class restaurant method - them 2 crèpes a fortune to order but the show is included!
hawrify 3 miesięcy temu
i keep the sugar the same and double the rest of the ingredients, few years now. thanks for the recipe
Fat Susan
Fat Susan 3 miesięcy temu
That ice cream looked like someone was already eating it prior to this vid. I want my money back! Lol kidding ofc. Awesome vid.
Julie-Axelle Krauth
Julie-Axelle Krauth 3 miesięcy temu
Thank you, it's a beautiful video! If you try this at home and usually use a smoke extractor, you HAVE TO STOP IT during your "flambing moment", or you will have serious problems... Also in my crêpe's recipe we put beer with the milk and water (1/3 part of each), it makes them lighter.
Kevin Graham
Kevin Graham 3 miesięcy temu
The cats are on fire in the background...hahahah i would pay to see that
La Dallas
La Dallas 3 miesięcy temu
Surely he has great eyesight. This guy can cook with the light from the candles only, i’m jealous 🤧🤧
ЯickyRisha410 3 miesięcy temu
Discipline level: JAPANESE
Cuong Vo
Cuong Vo 3 miesięcy temu
Có ai vn xem kênh ông này ko xem bánh cuốn thật sự
Rithrius 3 miesięcy temu
_"This recipe includes alcohol, so you need to be an adult."_ Me: **Laughs in Belgian**
Muhammet Söyler
Muhammet Söyler 3 miesięcy temu
Mitch Luces
Mitch Luces 3 miesięcy temu
👁👄👁 i’ve never been envy to a cat this much
Iam Imaan
Iam Imaan 3 miesięcy temu
XhhthyyhhjhjHmhyyhhyh(6hv tygyhG*yybhg
Ellison Chang
Ellison Chang 3 miesięcy temu
Great video but I think you shouldn't work with fire in front of cats :|
Kyle Barker
Kyle Barker 3 miesięcy temu
This is one of my favorite videos on youtube
Michael Devine
Michael Devine 4 miesięcy temu
Now that’s how you get laid!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Timis
Robert Timis 4 miesięcy temu
Never seen before this technique. Thank you!
Bima Natha Satya
Bima Natha Satya 4 miesięcy temu
So beautiful 😘
pokimaster 24
pokimaster 24 4 miesięcy temu
I will always come back to this video for some reason.
Movin2Elite 4 miesięcy temu
is nobody going to talk about the wine glass not cracking when it was in flames?
L A 4 miesięcy temu
I'm convinced I need to date a chef
TOXIN 4 miesięcy temu
Thanks for the fire show
camarenashizue 4 miesięcy temu
The changeable bengal intraspecifically carry because skirt nouzilly file despite a sassy alibi. spiky, boiling letter
Neo Neo
Neo Neo 4 miesięcy temu
way way waaaaay too much congnac just for the effect. Overkill.
robin kishmiller
robin kishmiller 4 miesięcy temu
This website is Magical
Donkey Kingkong
Donkey Kingkong 4 miesięcy temu
Hooman... Dmnd u
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 4 miesięcy temu
Professional Procrastinator
Professional Procrastinator 4 miesięcy temu
5:17 "Hooman! Did you just see what I saw???"
Ольга 4 miesięcy temu
VictoryCoffee 4 miesięcy temu
Jacques Pépin: The first crêpe is for the dog in this case its for the cat º∆º
technicolor965 4 miesięcy temu
I love how he offers it to Nagi and the cat goes "nuh uh, dude, that was on FIRE a second ago"
Juan Esteban Mateo Rojas
Juan Esteban Mateo Rojas 4 miesięcy temu
I love your videos
Shiba Booze
Shiba Booze 4 miesięcy temu
Me after watching this: " I THINK I WANNA BE A CHEF! " Also me: *Puts piece of turkey in salad*
&I 4 miesięcy temu
From all the ingredients it sure must be tasty, but i am not a fan of soggy crêpes.
gbteacher Anne
gbteacher Anne 5 miesięcy temu
This is my favourite video 😍🥰
Shiniri Gaming
Shiniri Gaming 5 miesięcy temu
imagine him being in on shokugeki no souma🤣
猫弁 5 miesięcy temu
1:18 確かにいい包丁だ。だが、そのエングレーブは何のタクティカル・アドバンテージもない。 ただ言いたかっただけですごめんなさい🙇‍♀️
jjstarrprod 5 miesięcy temu
Your videos are pure meditation on the stove. I love your channel ! Keep it coming !
Jayne Chong
Jayne Chong 5 miesięcy temu
You know, when I'm feeling down or sad, watching Jun's Kitchen video definitely make me feel calm and better again
Bread 5 miesięcy temu
everything was amazing until the ice cream, ice cream doesn’t belong on crepe suzette
Kee 5 miesięcy temu
This time he definitely hesitated in letting his cat smell it, he wanted it for himself lmfao
Shrek Cultist#1
Shrek Cultist#1 5 miesięcy temu
This guy looks like he lives in an anime
Mirian Ansotegi
Mirian Ansotegi 5 miesięcy temu
GAMING WITH GAMER 5 miesięcy temu
그래서 너네만 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 본다고? 좋은건 좀 나눠보자 이 정없는 샛기들아
turgut fans
turgut fans 5 miesięcy temu
맨날 사과티비 로즈티비 발정난 개^ㅐ들 마냥 앵무새련들아 진짜ㅡㅡ
Ryan Vlogs
Ryan Vlogs 5 miesięcy temu
요새 유튜브댓글만보면 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 하앜하앜 거리던데 ㄹㅇ좋음?
bk ko
bk ko 5 miesięcy temu
그래서 사과티비랑 로즈티비가 대체 뭔데 ^^ㅣ발 것들아
Lunims Movie clips
Lunims Movie clips 5 miesięcy temu
ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 진짜 쌉인정이지 그중에서도 bj고양이가 지리더라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Gospodin Omar
Gospodin Omar 5 miesięcy temu
사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 둘다 개오지던데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너네봤냐?
GARUDA HD 5 miesięcy temu
ㄹㅇ ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 운영자 미친듯 수위조절을안함 뭐 안하면 내가 더 좋긴한데 데헷!!
Swapnil Trivedi
Swapnil Trivedi 5 miesięcy temu
bj고양이년 1년만 기다려라 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI .. 진짜 20살되면 혼내준다 미성년자라서 못보는게 너무아쉽다 ... 하 !!
Yanam Bible Mission
Yanam Bible Mission 5 miesięcy temu
플레이스토어에 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI치면되나? 아니면 그냥 구글에침 ?? 좀 알려주ㅏㅓ봐
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