Sukiyaki (Homemade Tofu)

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(serves 2-3)
300g soybean
2800ml soft water*
15 -20ml nigari (or lemon juice) + 50ml water**
* If you're not sure if your tap water is hard or soft, you can just use distilled water. It might be a bit overkill but it's probably easier than searching specifically for soft water.
** Add more nigari or lemon juice if necessary
-Sukiyaki Sauce-
100ml sake
100ml mirin
100ml soy sauce
30g granulated sugar
You can use any vegetables you like. Here'are the ones I used this time
green onion
Chinese cabbage
shiitake mushroom
thread konjac
very thin, marbled beef slices

1. Soak the soybeans in water(1200ml). The soaking time depends on the water temperature.
Summer: 25°C/77°F 10 hours
Spring, Autumn: 15°C/59°F 20 hours
Winter: 5°C/41°F 30 hours
2. Blend the soybeans and water in a mixer to make namago. (Namago is the Japanese word for that specific blended mixture of soybeans and water).
3. Boil 1600ml water in a large pan or pot and add the namago and stir for about 10 minutes. Make sure not to burn the namago at the bottom of the pan.
4. Turn off the heat and strain the namago with a filter cloth to get soy milk. The leftover is called okara and it's very healthy. I normally use it for making cookies.
5. Mix 20ml nigari (or lemon juice) and 50ml water together to make the coagulant for the soy milk.
("Your coagulant is a substance that will curdle the soy milk. You can use acid, like lemon juice or vinegar, or salt. Nigari, which is magnesium chloride, is popular in Japan, and calcium chloride is popular in North America."
6. Heat up the soy milk and keep the temperature at 75°C. Add the nigari-water and stir gently. Do NOT mix too much. Turn off the heat and leave it for about 10 minutes.
7. While resting the soy milk, prepare a container for shaping the tofu. You can make holes in the bottom of a paper drink carton or tupperware, or you can just use your filter cloth and tie it up tighly to shapen the tofu as well.

・ Make sure the temperature is between 70 - 75 degree Celsius with a checker. If the temperature is less or more than that, it will not solidify.
・Use unsweetened plain soy milk (more than 8% concentration of solid soybean if you use soy milk)
・When you add nigari, add it all at once quickly, then stir with a spoon clockwise three times, then stir counterclockwise once. You should be able to tell the tofu started to solidifying a this point. It's be a little thicker than before you started stirring. Then wait for at least thirty minutes.

-Sukiyaki Sauce-
1. Add 100ml sake and 100ml mirin in a pot and boil it.
2. Add the sugar and soy sauce, and let the sugar melt.
1. Melt the beef fat* (or just some slices of fatty beef) and cook the green onion (if you have it) in the sukiyaki pot to add flavor to the sauce. Green onion tastes so much sweeter and more flavorful when you fry it first.
2. Add the sauce and heat it up. Then add tofu, konjac, mushrooms, and anything that takes longer to cook than your other vegetables.
3. Finally, place everything else.
Sukiyaki is a shared Japanese dish where everyone ladles out some of the broth and food into their own bowls. Traditionally, sukiyaki is eaten with a raw beaten egg added to your own bowl, but that might be difficult for you depending on how safe raw eggs are considered where you live. I normally don't eat it with egg so I can enjoy the flavor of beef and vegetables, but if you get a chance to eat sukiyaki, please give it a try!
*In Japan when you buy beef there is usually a bucket nearby where you can also take a cube of beef fat free of charge. If you want you can buy this separately, or you can use beef that has fat on it as well.

Black 5 godzin temu
your product quality can't be handled on a screen, all these vegetables deserve 15 out 10 freaking huge.
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he really do be bringing in wagu level meat
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If the cat smells tthe food it means that the food
宮島優心くんは私の希望。 Dzień temu
私は日本人です。 私はこの人をすごいと思います。
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Alexi Boris Dzień temu
Man, didn’t know Chicago looked so clean.
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris Dzień temu
It was a joke, plz don’t hate me
ダウンタウン Dzień temu
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watching this again in 4k was a tonally different experience . Love it
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Talita Jorge 2 dni temu
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Jamie Texas 22 dni temu Il punto di vista opposto implica che gli azionisti delle società più grandi, avviate esclusivamente sinteticamente, siano riuniti in interi cluster della loro specie. Ognuno di noi comprende la cosa ovvia: la struttura consolidata dell'organizzazione è un interessante esperimento per testare un ragionamento profondo.La struttura esistente dell'organizzazione garantisce la rilevanza del progresso della comunità professionale. Naturalmente, la teoria esistente crea la necessità di includere nel piano di produzione una serie di misure straordinarie, tenendo conto della complessità delle condizioni finanziarie e amministrative esistenti. 現代の基準の仕様の一部として、インターネット上の起業家は、そのレベルに関係なく、重要な要素の役割の候補としてリストされるべきです。生活の質を向上させるための探求において、彼らは、質の高い位置調査が既存の財政的および行政的条件に対する高い需要を決定することを忘れています! 予備的な結論は期待外れです。長期計画は、既存の財政的および行政的条件に直接依存します。また、プロジェクト構造の主要な機能は、レベルに関係なく、機能的に独立した要素に分離する必要があることは間違いありません。
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Максим Малюта
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The spurious dipstick fundamentally puncture because fender substantially fool amid a lopsided raincoat. level, stereotyped underwear
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