Japanese meal for cats

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- I tried to make a traditional-style Japanese meal for my cats! It's a set menu (miso soup, rice with furikake, and fish) except the food is all made out of cat-safe ingredients.
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KING Japanese Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 (amzn.to/2uokk32)

Panasonic GH5 (amzn.to/2uomMqi)
Lens: LUMIX G LEICA (amzn.to/2eEYzbk)

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Двести Грамм
Двести Грамм 4 godzin temu
Nicely done,mr Butler ;)
ManuYecla 風竜 Juegoideo
ManuYecla 風竜 Juegoideo Dzień temu
The cats waiting their food 😍
Rylei Singleton
Rylei Singleton Dzień temu
Thank u so much for that I cats love it all 12 of them do
Our Catio Home
Our Catio Home Dzień temu
Where is the "Love It" button? Amazingly inspired by your ideas, cats, cooking skills and videos!!! 👏🎬😻
AnimeDaisuki dz
AnimeDaisuki dz 2 dni temu
I love how patient they are unlike mine
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 2 dni temu
Poki seems honored to be able to smell the food instead of gobbling it all up
Duckie 2 dni temu
Now that's commitement. I wouldn't even cook this much for myself
Fantasy Journey
Fantasy Journey 3 dni temu
Waww really amazing
高上洋子 3 dni temu
it is too much!
WonderMagician 4 dni temu
So wonderful to see the kind of food you prepared for your cats.
Aditya Bhalerao
Aditya Bhalerao 4 dni temu
GOD, that kitchen is BEAUTIFUL..
Aditya Bhalerao
Aditya Bhalerao 4 dni temu
These cats are WAY better at concentrating than me...
Spinosaurus 4 dni temu
Awesome VIDEO
Poeks The Cat
Poeks The Cat 4 dni temu
The cats are just like: i dont know who he is but he gives nice treats
58 28
58 28 4 dni temu
jocelyn 4 dni temu
HowToHydroponics 4 dni temu
what was the white flesh protin?
Hairy Crackpot
Hairy Crackpot 5 dni temu
"make sure our credit card works!" "Nya!"
Villain Deku
Villain Deku 5 dni temu
I wish I could do this
Aki Google
Aki Google 5 dni temu
They eat much better than I do, but they are sooooo cute so they deserve it lol
faeology_ 6 dni temu
_i remember finding you ages ago when i started up this new acc because i wanted to start posting videos , i had started it so my recommended was random and i saw this and was like “ he sounds cool “ and i had fallen down a rabbit hole- and now i ‘ m back 😌😌_
Lynical 6 dni temu
what breed is nagi thats the cutest thing i saw on my entire life
Just Me Annie
Just Me Annie 6 dni temu
When I die, I wanna come back as one of Jun’s pampered and well-fed cats. Meow. 😺
A bag of Chips
A bag of Chips 6 dni temu
Those cats are sitting and you are cooking in front of them making them a rich/expensive meal just like those 5000 yen restaurants 😂
SpaceGrape 7 dni temu
i just know those mfs eat fancy feast
MENGFEI YAN 7 dni temu
ネゴになりたくなる 笑
一隻斑斑一隻貓 7 dni temu
Scott Pool
Scott Pool 7 dni temu
Only in Japan yes definitely. Yummy🇧🇱
Naima Akbar
Naima Akbar 8 dni temu
I like the interior of the house most of the things in the house are made up of wood♥️..and the way the cats sit in those chairs is so cute and adorable..I think he put those chairs for them ..to see his cooking ...I really like it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
mistic mungus
mistic mungus 8 dni temu
pls tell me where you get your jars and Tupperware T_T
Nova 37
Nova 37 8 dni temu
These cats r well mannered more than most humans
Taylor Heart
Taylor Heart 8 dni temu
HAPPY for you!!☺😊😸😺👌👌 Such hard work you put into keeping your cats happy!! And LOVED!!😽😻😻😸😺❤❤🍣🍣🍣🍱🍤🍛🍛🍋🍈🍈🍑🍑🐟🐟 #sushi #cats #cutecats #pets #Japanese #japan #JapaneseFood #healthy #fish #rice #noodles #wonton #soup #teriyaki #sauce #catlove #meow #ilovecats #happycats #massivesushi #SushiMania #tuna 👌🐟
Taylor Heart
Taylor Heart 8 dni temu
SOOOO CUTE how they just watch!!!😻😻😻❤❤ That was like MY CATS!!! Watching my every move when cooking/eating!! LOL 😽😸😺🍣🍣🍤🍤🍛🍋🍋🍈🍈
Taylor Heart
Taylor Heart 8 dni temu
I signed in just to comment!!!😊☺ Wow those cats must be SO healthy!!!😺😸😻😽🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟🍑🍈🍋🍛🍤🍤🍱🍣🍣🍣
為了耍廢 8 dni temu
我還以為你灑胡椒 動物應該不能吃胡椒吧?
Oo Oo
Oo Oo 8 dni temu
This is awesome.
Dellaf Semiga
Dellaf Semiga 9 dni temu
fail ziz
fail ziz 9 dni temu
The real of babu
uPix 9 dni temu
piers nivas
piers nivas 9 dni temu
مسن الاسطوره الي مترجم عربي 😂💔
Dark Night Stables
Dark Night Stables 9 dni temu
These cats are spoiled!!❤️
Keiko Adkins
Keiko Adkins 10 dni temu
Whoa, they look so delicious. Your cats are so lucky. Not fair. I wanna eat them. 😳 🙀 🥰😻
Hazel Solis
Hazel Solis 10 dni temu
Este joven respeta y ama sus gatos y qué recibe?: sus gatos lo aman, lo respetan y reciben las instrucciones. QUE LINDOS Y EDUCADITOS ESTAN!!!
Amir Fauzi
Amir Fauzi 10 dni temu
haku is his fav i think
Super Sazae
Super Sazae 10 dni temu
Where are you from? Japan????
横田けんすけ 10 dni temu
Sophisticated cooking is for humans, and this is an insult to cooking.
Tanya Akiyama
Tanya Akiyama 10 dni temu
Чушь.В Японии обычный сухой корм для котов . Или объедки. И не во всех домах можно заводить животных; только в специально предназначенных = убитых, старых апартаментах))
Lily Kitty
Lily Kitty 11 dni temu
dont you mean japanese meal of cats lmao
CookieGod 11 dni temu
Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor 11 dni temu
Dinner -- hibachi style!
MonaMona 12 dni temu
Goodcjob, cat lover♡
Happy Tummy Filipina
Happy Tummy Filipina 12 dni temu
Those cats are blessed, alot of delicious food for them
Paula Shuger
Paula Shuger 13 dni temu
You are the best father 💯
Cynthia Moore
Cynthia Moore 13 dni temu
That was lovely!
Alt key
Alt key 13 dni temu
Is he Japanese?
a 12 dni temu
Who Am I
Who Am I 13 dni temu
Culinary Alchemy is just beautiful.
J Embry
J Embry 14 dni temu
you are fabulous.
黒い人新鮮な 14 dni temu
The cat that came out of nowhere probably felt left out
abdollah khoshnood
abdollah khoshnood 14 dni temu
你好-神手Pi 14 dni temu
Walid Light Gamer
Walid Light Gamer 14 dni temu
guys i know this is not related to the video but i just had the tastiest noodles ever
вася фэйк
вася фэйк 14 dni temu
как же кошкам повезло...
あめ 14 dni temu
KavaKavana 14 dni temu
Happy cats. Their excitement for their meal was so cute. Lucky cats
askarsfan2011 15 dni temu
Wow, it's like at home Hibachi for cats.
محمد الرزامي
محمد الرزامي 15 dni temu
القطط افضل من الكلاب النتنة التي هي للحراسة وليس للحب
Emeline Umsted
Emeline Umsted 15 dni temu
we need a cat asmr
Emeline Umsted
Emeline Umsted 15 dni temu
that radish is huge compared to what we have in america
LANCE H 15 dni temu
Cat person or dog person, only a cat person would cook a meal like this for them.
ParadoxDrip 15 dni temu
What will you choose. Save humanity Or Become Jun's cat
Ph4v0 15 dni temu
Me ponen este video de recomendación después de ver una reacción a la morision de Don gato de Auron F x el
glasslinger 16 dni temu
My cat would take one sniff of all that and turn up her nose! She will only eat one type of cat food. PERIOD!
Salty Gamer
Salty Gamer 16 dni temu
I want to see how to cook a cat and not how to feed it 😡
ツj2.f7 16 dni temu
Math667 17 dni temu
my cat like her food when it´s still screaming.....
3N0 17 dni temu
So, why am I watching this...
Daffa Baharsyah Andysa Rachman
Daffa Baharsyah Andysa Rachman 17 dni temu
hehe furries goes brrr
OhioGirl1973 17 dni temu
I have a Tuxedo Cat who sits at the table and patiently waits for me to give him some of my food. He'll take it, jump off the chair onto the floor, and eat it on the floor. Then get back on the chair, sit down and patiently wait for some more.
Elizabeth Sommers
Elizabeth Sommers 18 dni temu
Miso Entertained
Miso Entertained 18 dni temu
Please cook for them again 🥲
Miso Entertained
Miso Entertained 18 dni temu
Please, more content like this!
Cheyenne Lawrence
Cheyenne Lawrence 18 dni temu
I love how you care about your cats
Cheyenne Lawrence
Cheyenne Lawrence 18 dni temu
Gotta love haku on the logo
Siu Ying Wong
Siu Ying Wong 18 dni temu
very powerful 👍👍
Lemont Johnson
Lemont Johnson 18 dni temu
Comment here on which would be the next duo for Jun’s next kitchen video Would it be: Haku & Nagi Haku & Poki Haku & Pichi Nagi & Poki Nagi & Pichi Poki & Pichi
Biggietide 18 dni temu
Fred G Sanford72
Fred G Sanford72 19 dni temu
A fancy upscale Japanese car cuisine for the Rich cats.
seraphic 19 dni temu
how come the third cat didn't get a meal? 😢
侯曉華 20 dni temu
i want to be your cat!!
Panda Ruth
Panda Ruth 20 dni temu
im glad i stumbled upon this channel it always makes me happy
Jean Pierre Ascery
Jean Pierre Ascery 20 dni temu
Trop mignon les chats!!!!Tu cuisine trop bien!!!!!!! J'ADORE
nala simba
nala simba 20 dni temu
Weirdly entertaining.
Veronica Simonini
Veronica Simonini 20 dni temu
Veronica Simonini
Veronica Simonini 20 dni temu
😂 😂 😂
somercet1 20 dni temu
"Conspicuous consumption."
Auliarc 20 dni temu
Hey how are you ? ....
Evan Hodge
Evan Hodge 20 dni temu
It's the build-up. Anyone would be primed.
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford 20 dni temu
This must be one of the most exclusive restaurants in Tokyo! Clearly VIP customers!!!
HelloKitty Goth
HelloKitty Goth 21 dzień temu
OMG! They just had the emperor's meal fed to them LOL
Cassiopeia 21 dzień temu
why are you ruining the fish!! give it to me raw now!, they are thinking xD
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