Making a Bonsai Aquarium

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- I've been wanting to do aquaponics (growing vegetables on a fish tank) for my kitchen. I'm making a cooking video with the veggies I grew for the next video!
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Chef & Utility Knife: Zwilling twin fin (

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KING Japanese Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 (

Panasonic GH5 (

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Mark de Muze
Mark de Muze 7 godzin temu
Thanks for sharing this awesome video and I just added it to my favorites list 'Smart DIY videos' ! :-) Have a great week!
peter andreou
peter andreou 17 godzin temu
How did it hold up over time how did you trim the plants
sultan hadi muzakki
sultan hadi muzakki Dzień temu
he got blessed on his hand
waji xun
waji xun Dzień temu
He is living my life
Huma Aziz
Huma Aziz 2 dni temu
Always quality content different from third class show off youtubers
NP Skroder
NP Skroder 2 dni temu
Welcome back to 🎶 Welcome back to 🎶 Back to Jun’s Kitchen! 🎶
Sila Setia M. P.
Sila Setia M. P. 3 dni temu
I love this video 🥺🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕
Samuele Toncelli
Samuele Toncelli 3 dni temu
Sorry, One of my two fish died some weeks ago, what kind of fish Is this?😅
Pankhuri Patel
Pankhuri Patel 4 dni temu
Wow, it is so beautiful and cute😍 I wonder from where you learn to do these cool things.
JUSTENization 4 dni temu
My son sent me this. This is an incredible creation. Enjoyed! Thanks
Ольга Лаврентьева
Ольга Лаврентьева 4 dni temu
Просмотр ваших видео очень успокаивает, спасибо
famous I am the
famous I am the 4 dni temu😻😍👍
TreyJin 5 dni temu
Can we get an update to see how it looks 6 months later?
famous I am the
famous I am the 4 dni temu😻😍👍
Aryatt 5 dni temu
Does anybody know what size tank he used?
I love cats
I love cats 9 dni temu
Thunder is a very cute fish 🐟
tran minh thy
tran minh thy 9 dni temu
Foo the flowerhorn vibes
famous I am the
famous I am the 4 dni temu😻😍👍
Diiaph 10 dni temu
he even makes the rocks look yummy..
famous I am the
famous I am the 4 dni temu😻😍👍
Suzanne Lefebvre
Suzanne Lefebvre 12 dni temu
Vous êtes un bon travailleur et vous aimez les chats SL
famous I am the
famous I am the 4 dni temu😻😍👍
Ara Ara
Ara Ara 13 dni temu
I'd love an update on the aquaponics system
Rummny 03
Rummny 03 13 dni temu
Can we get an update on your fish tank Jun? Would love to see thunder!
Alex K.
Alex K. 13 dni temu
Wood is to cats like a furry animal is to humans; The moment they see it, they just have to stick their noses into it.
Pobster88 J
Pobster88 J 13 dni temu
That cat following you and then in his basket on your bike is cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 14 dni temu
Malzemelerden bir tek su var amk 😀 yorumu gören Türk sanada merhaba
JumpingSpooder 15 dni temu
Minecraft in real life. Your cat will follow you even in the wilderness
Commenter339 16 dni temu
A moss ball ❤️
Dioara Aquiver
Dioara Aquiver 16 dni temu
I just want to be one of his cats! They are living better than me.
Merp Merp
Merp Merp 17 dni temu
I love watching ppl make tanks, it’s so fun to do yourself but a person can only have so many tanks before it’s too much. Congrats on getting a beta! Thunder looks beautiful, I’d love to get more videos or updates on him.
maritza 17 dni temu
this is so creative and beautiful i'm cryin
domo konichiwa ver.5
domo konichiwa ver.5 17 dni temu
Jun lifes is always eyes apealling
Louisa C
Louisa C 17 dni temu
Nagi: *sees aquarium* ah yes, box. Must get inside. Thank you, father
7:14 now I know how it fells like to be an aquarium
S i!
S i! 18 dni temu
海外のおしゃれな猫ちゃん動画かと思ってみてたら「かいわれ大根」「くまモン」出てきて !?!?!?ってなったww 100円ストア…🥰
Another Weeb Here
Another Weeb Here 19 dni temu
*watching these vids makes me feel like im watching A REALLY REALLY WELL MADE game*
Anim Jock
Anim Jock 19 dni temu
0:16 What breed is that. And what is the breed of the other orange cat
Danya Liu
Danya Liu 20 dni temu
Japanese Dollar Stores: All kinds of cool seeds and craft materials. American Dollar Stores: Plastic toys and candy.
Fatih Çolak
Fatih Çolak 20 dni temu
bonzai kafamı bozai
Maks97g 20 dni temu
Спасибо за Русские субтитры
Jaouhara gaming
Jaouhara gaming 20 dni temu
i am the person who named rapnewsmusic i am gonna sub to you
Rapnews Music
Rapnews Music 20 dni temu
i watch junscitchen super long and some days i remeber why i im not sub to you so here a new subscriber and plz dont stop i love your videoooossss❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌💖💖🐈🐈🐈🐈
m rifqi
m rifqi 21 dzień temu
ikan cupang anjay
Joeca :3
Joeca :3 22 dni temu
so cool :)
Boop The Nose
Boop The Nose 22 dni temu
jun: lives in japan also jun: i got all the materials from the dollar store
elle 22 dni temu
Those cats love you!! Great job teaching high five and the food signals! A very hard thing to do
Happy Lil' Fella
Happy Lil' Fella 22 dni temu
i wish he had a video that was just a livestream recording the aquarium
Anna Kannemeyer
Anna Kannemeyer 22 dni temu
Beautiful, but won’t some of the plants rot underwater? And won’t the moss turn brown from glue?
Cronarona321 22 dni temu
That driftwood tree is amazing
Void Lurker
Void Lurker 23 dni temu
I love how Haku saw the bracket and went "ah yeah, that's for me!"
Christian Annoni
Christian Annoni 23 dni temu
how can he be so perfect in everything he does?
지주 23 dni temu
썸넬 보고 거대고양이가 지구를 침략한줄 알았다 サムネイル写真が、巨大猫が地球を侵略したようだ
Aleco Tincknell
Aleco Tincknell 23 dni temu
This is on par with a studio ghibli film
Aβarel J.
Aβarel J. 23 dni temu
I fully enjoy your videos. Always watch while pooping in the 🚽. Great channel, keep it up!!
Eleine Gnome
Eleine Gnome 24 dni temu
Idk why this is so relaxing to watch
Dyani Kosuge Kabir
Dyani Kosuge Kabir 24 dni temu
i wanted to ask when you clean the gravel from the fish poo doesn't this ruin the floor bed you made with the plants?
좌파 Out!
좌파 Out! 24 dni temu
한국인 없네.. 녹슨 칼 부터 봤는대
ASTROBOI17 25 dni temu
Came for the aquarium stayed for the cats
i don't wanna be bread ahhh !
i don't wanna be bread ahhh ! 25 dni temu
man his english improved over the years
yeeted beans
yeeted beans 25 dni temu
He's making fish food in front of fish
Annica413 26 dni temu
6:57 - 7:19 mentally, i am here
4コマ漫画 亀の紙芝居漫画、カメ、熱帯魚、クワガタ、カブトムシ観察動画
4コマ漫画 亀の紙芝居漫画、カメ、熱帯魚、クワガタ、カブトムシ観察動画 26 dni temu
maryam G
maryam G 26 dni temu
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
CT Jaafar
CT Jaafar 26 dni temu
Jun was right. Nagi has been such a butt.
Marcon Cat Family
Marcon Cat Family 26 dni temu
*_I have lots of cute kittens, do you want me to gift them ??_*
Boshum Ben
Boshum Ben 26 dni temu
Peki neden bonsai üretiyor ve bunu youtubeda paylaşıyor
BenMavi 26 dni temu
Abi adam çok iyi ya
LilzTacos 27 dni temu
What studio ghibli movie do you live in sir-
Susanne Gyllengård
Susanne Gyllengård 27 dni temu
Your cats are very cute. I love cats.
DeteCt 27 dni temu
OceanSentinel 28 dni temu
Jun: Next, I peeled off the bark off these sticks and- Haku: DID SOMEONE SAY STICKS (Timestamp: 4:21)
Yoyo k
Yoyo k 28 dni temu
ok not to be a bummer...but isn't Thunder a girl????
Hanz 29 dni temu
The opening scene reminds me of "The Garden of words"
Abby Griffin
Abby Griffin 29 dni temu
Just a heads up, since thunder is a beta fish, be careful about any mirrors as beta fish were bred as fighting fish. One of my cousins had a beta fish, and they put it near a mirror, the next thing they knew, their fish jumped out of the tank to attack the other ‘fish’ in the reflection.
Riska A Rali
Riska A Rali 29 dni temu
I was wondering where is Rachel??? Oh l miss you guys on rachel and jun 😭
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang 29 dni temu
Going outside unleashed Jun’s cat: I will follow you my master. My cat: *....PEACE*
Oofer Mate
Oofer Mate 29 dni temu
his fish be livin da life doe
Morgan Lehnert
Morgan Lehnert 29 dni temu
Yessssss. Update please!
Nemnyoom Miesiąc temu
7:15 pov: the last moments of your life as jun finally drowns you
hyuuga natsume
hyuuga natsume Miesiąc temu
remind me of Foo the Flowerhorn channel noice
Trevor Koch
Trevor Koch Miesiąc temu
what carpeting plant was used?
Jessica Merouane
Jessica Merouane Miesiąc temu
It’s like the tree from the Karate Kid movie
Lyastrid Cruz
Lyastrid Cruz Miesiąc temu
I wanna try and do this in the future but I'm curious on how do you clean the tank?
The ballistic Tree
The ballistic Tree Miesiąc temu
It’s so cute when the cats take things like with the wood he was cleaning if that’s what he was doing soooo cute 🥰
The ballistic Tree
The ballistic Tree Miesiąc temu
Japan is Epic
Qcumber Miesiąc temu
No friend fish for Thunder?
Reese 25 dni temu
Beta fish don’t do well with other fish.
Haroldini Milo
Haroldini Milo Miesiąc temu
Is nagi a Maine coon cat?
SkyDragoness Miesiąc temu
No, Haku is. Nagi is a Norwegian Forest Cat
pacificrules Miesiąc temu
OMG, I want one exactly like that...
이윤하 Miesiąc temu
It amazes me how he can walk alongside Haku without a leash or anything
irusu does episode!
irusu does episode! Miesiąc temu
I have an addiction, he's just so calm and peaceful.
Chris_ universe
Chris_ universe Miesiąc temu
So satisfied with these types of videos!
Emly Natasha
Emly Natasha Miesiąc temu
Lovly place ❤
St. Nicolas
St. Nicolas Miesiąc temu
Trained to perfection
CrzyHex Miesiąc temu
its all fun and games untill there is an earthquake
Jazmin Amelie
Jazmin Amelie Miesiąc temu
How does he keep the water so clean and crystalline omg ✨
Kecot Lu
Kecot Lu Miesiąc temu
I really want to move there😭😭😭
kittyvhl229 Miesiąc temu
how does he make his cat follow him?!
Leonora Merino
Leonora Merino Miesiąc temu
what patience! I really admire your work. both the kitchen and your creations! ❤️🌻
bts army
bts army Miesiąc temu
Nino and Min Cute
Nino and Min Cute Miesiąc temu
i like video👍👏
Pro Bravo gamer
Pro Bravo gamer Miesiąc temu
Whooooooo 😃😃 this man is a genius and his cats are so cute 🥰
Pandarieus Miesiąc temu
I was confused for a second why he picked seeds, then I completely forgot that he was making a bonsai aquarium and not food
Luke Lemay
Luke Lemay Miesiąc temu
I need a haku
Tigger Miesiąc temu
WOW!! ❣️👍👍
I made a tree for my cats out of driftwood
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