Sharpening a $1 knife

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※These sharpeners seem to be sold more expensively outside of Japan. I believe you can find cheaper ones that are decent online as well. Zwilling J.A. Henckels also has good sharpening stones which I have used before. Unlike the ones I used in this video, you don't need to soak it in water to sharpen a knife (but it still needs to be wet).
Shapton (Orange) #1000:
Shapton (Green) #2000:
Other cheaper sharpener I found:
Japanese King Knife Sharpener Whetstone (#1000 & #6000)
Sharpening stones come in grits, and these two grits would be enough for a normal household knife. I used grits 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 8,000, and 12,000 in this video. The higher the number, the finer the sanding and the sharper the knife will be.
Sharpening with Bob Kramer

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jawad al dakhiel
jawad al dakhiel 4 godzin temu
Wait so u bought a 1 dollar knife, and then got +1 dollar tax? So is ur taxing 100%? Also love ur vids
Phát Nguyên Trần
Phát Nguyên Trần 3 dni temu
I think it can cut on the top
Phát Nguyên Trần
Phát Nguyên Trần 3 dni temu
No wasted water pls
Zach4Life 3 dni temu
why was there water on the sharpener?
Outskirts of Infinity
Outskirts of Infinity 7 dni temu
For those of us less skilled then Jun, I have two words: belt sander.
Elen Malone
Elen Malone 9 dni temu
Well you got your money’s worth
A Random Person
A Random Person 10 dni temu
cat just chillin
miles morales
miles morales 13 dni temu
i always come back to this video
Niku Jaga
Niku Jaga 13 dni temu
RedTheSlayer 14 dni temu
Tell me you your Japanese without telling me your Japanese. The water bottle scene:
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky 14 dni temu
Be honest, we come here from time to time.
Chloie Selina
Chloie Selina 15 dni temu
everyone focusing on the knife me: hehe water bottle jiggle jiggle
Nitro Indigo
Nitro Indigo 15 dni temu
This is like a real life version of that sword minigame from Wii Sports Resort.
a random roblox player
a random roblox player 17 dni temu
When you put sharpness 5 on a stone sword
Jaice 3572
Jaice 3572 18 dni temu
This just goes to show that you can still do good work with a cheap knife
Maxim Becker
Maxim Becker 18 dni temu
Ich hoffe du hast das wasser wenighstens danach getrunken... #wasserverschwendung
BIENS-YT 20 dni temu
Watched this 10 times and its still satisfying
Zed Mega
Zed Mega 20 dni temu
Am i the only one who watch the video to see the cat 😍 ??
ofir 20 dni temu
גחנון בפיתה ואואואואוא חומוס עם פלאפל ואואווהוה
connie chu
connie chu 21 dzień temu
Replay again !Haku so cute
billyman 21 dzień temu
The dollar stores in Japan look better than the dollar stores in the US
Ken Jvk08
Ken Jvk08 22 dni temu
Harley Perez
Harley Perez 22 dni temu
New here I love these cats and the raw skills man thank you
Harry Xu
Harry Xu 22 dni temu
Oh, do I feel bad for that store.
JSM1712 24 dni temu
Love the 2015 vlog music
Zeynep 24 dni temu
Sunset and sugar Playss
Sunset and sugar Playss 25 dni temu
Everyone focusing on the knife Me focusing on the cat thats having a better life then me
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago 25 dni temu
I thought he was gonna test that on Cat
BenMavi 26 dni temu
Türk var mı ? 🙄
XpertThief911 26 dni temu
That knife is sharper than my mind..
thea end
thea end 27 dni temu
When you realize the best knife in the house cant cut paper:
thea end
thea end 27 dni temu
Imagine what he can do with a sword he will go full anime boy slicing in half the god of evil like its mash potato's (thats all I could think of)
Ghala 27 dni temu
Halil Yasar
Halil Yasar 27 dni temu
You are much better
PassiveNootmare 27 dni temu
Him : sharpens knife Me : wow nice *cat comes in video* Me : even better. A cat using a knife
Oranged 28 dni temu
He must have Installed mods. He has like Sharpness 50 on a wooden sword.
Joaquínxv 28 dni temu
1:26 the best moment
Electric_Espeon 28 dni temu
I thought this was a kiwami video for a second
Outskirts of Infinity
Outskirts of Infinity 28 dni temu
Why does Haku love this so much?
Kyle Holtzhausen
Kyle Holtzhausen 29 dni temu
Who else is here from the other sharpening knife video that was recommended to you?
Christian Guignard
Christian Guignard Miesiąc temu
In France so called artisans pretend to sharpen blades with machines ... but the perfect way to do it is to use hands and expertise , as you do. A large and flat traditional sharpening stone, nothing else !
Marley Mae
Marley Mae Miesiąc temu
You wish that was you huh?
emma tang
emma tang Miesiąc temu
I keeping getting afraid he's gonna accidentally cut his cat.
Aradhya Chauhan
Aradhya Chauhan Miesiąc temu
Still not sharper than my girl's tongue 😏
Gun Cat
Gun Cat Miesiąc temu
POV: you got reccomended this and watched it
JM Tuburan
JM Tuburan Miesiąc temu
yeah i'm g u i l t y lol
Niiyonata Miesiąc temu
the cats like: *ah yes sharpen this knife for me to murder u easily peasant*
Ahmad Faiz
Ahmad Faiz Miesiąc temu
Mrbeast: money=views This guy: Cat=views
ooc xperience
ooc xperience Miesiąc temu
that yeeyee ass haircut
zehra1737 Miesiąc temu
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan Miesiąc temu
Serial killers,Assassins and masochists want to know your location
Reshirex Miesiąc temu
谷 keikoo ¡!
谷 keikoo ¡! Miesiąc temu
quiero ese cuchillo, aunq ni cocinar se JDHAKD.
Lily Hanna
Lily Hanna Miesiąc temu
0:34 The cat was bored 😂 and he is the actual boss 1:48
Dalida Alvin Jared S.
Dalida Alvin Jared S. Miesiąc temu
Sharpness 10 👍
Jxrdān Miesiąc temu
Type sharpening and this ofc is the first thing to show up.
Kelvin Fahrenheit
Kelvin Fahrenheit Miesiąc temu
Anil George
Anil George Miesiąc temu
I always come back to watch this video again
Anil George
Anil George Miesiąc temu
This is just satisfying 😌
AntTea Miesiąc temu
Samurai’s: this $1000 blade can cut through three water battles Jun with a $1 knife: Boi-
Lukas DeOliveira
Lukas DeOliveira Miesiąc temu
When you enchant sharpness 5 onto your wooden sword
Abdullah Al brahimi
Abdullah Al brahimi Miesiąc temu
مو سجينه ضيم مع احتراماتي الباقي السجاجين خل ايعزلن ويفتحن انشأيه
Valorr Price
Valorr Price Miesiąc temu
He really said enchantment Sharpness V and Mending
kdchmln Miesiąc temu
who the fuck is using their knives to slice water bottles? next time cut an onion.
ZZeto Miesiąc temu
Amazin idea!
Lyon Miesiąc temu
It gets more “impossible” and jaw dropping of seeing how sharp that thing is for cutting through 3 bottles at once after I, myself have learnt how to sharpen knives for about a month, maybe it’s just because that this guy has better samurai techniques?
bontronblock Miesiąc temu
Your bottles have 550ml. Ours only have 500ml... so sad...
Taylro8084 Miesiąc temu
When you put sharpness V on a wooden sword in minecraft
Emmy Yang
Emmy Yang Miesiąc temu
Jun: plays with knives Haku: nom nom bath time
DaEpikTrolle Miesiąc temu
When u invest all your resources into your starter weapon
Arfy 41
Arfy 41 Miesiąc temu
Dude's wholesome
Cqjoker73 Miesiąc temu
Forged in fire fans be like: It will keel
Andy Warren
Andy Warren Miesiąc temu
I can’t be the only jun fan that’s just coming back to try to see how to sharpen a knife
Ennie Neo
Ennie Neo Miesiąc temu
your knife have Sharpness 32,767
BUKAN WIBU Miesiąc temu
Katana *Kitchen version*
Careen Wong
Careen Wong Miesiąc temu
It's like having sharpness 100000 on a wooden sword.
Umar Thaaqif
Umar Thaaqif Miesiąc temu
Jannien Leonardo
Jannien Leonardo Miesiąc temu
This is were it all started, this video is the reason for a year now I’ve been watching knife videos to sleep. If I were to die in my sleep the last thing I would’ve seen is someone sharpening/making a knife. This is also the reason why i have more dreams that I’m a serial killer.
Gata Escarlata Gatitos Kittens Chaton Kot
Gata Escarlata Gatitos Kittens Chaton Kot Miesiąc temu
I have you with great affection, in my playlist because the contents of your Channel are really good, congratulations and good luck! (Gata escarlata))
Нехир Эрдоган
Нехир Эрдоган Miesiąc temu
O değilde giden sulara üzüldüm ve ilk TÜRK
Ride Gaming
Ride Gaming Miesiąc temu
Broly 2 miesięcy temu
The quiet kid in the back of the classroom
millie m
millie m 2 miesięcy temu
how many kids can u kill with that. I'm asking for a friend
Came Here
Came Here 2 miesięcy temu
I got an ad on your video on how to sharp a knife 😂
Calzix 2 miesięcy temu
this is satisfying af
Daijuan Preston
Daijuan Preston 2 miesięcy temu
Bro I literally blinked at 1:08 and missed the cut
HC7 2 miesięcy temu
damn bro ive been using a whetstone wrong ruined my crap pocket knife and this video pops up on the feed to rub some salt on my wounds
Cori Lane
Cori Lane 2 miesięcy temu
That cat in the background tho
カムクライズル_KamukuraIzuru 2 miesięcy temu
Haku is me on a daily basis
Alexandra Martínez
Alexandra Martínez 2 miesięcy temu
All fun and games until you cut yourself with it and ended up with thin pieces of finger on the cutting bored
TheBilly_ Noob
TheBilly_ Noob 2 miesięcy temu
may god protect the person who cut his finger on this knife
Raffie B
Raffie B 2 miesięcy temu
Buy 1,000 dollars worth of sharpening stones, you can sharpen a spoon, and you need a cool cat
ETERNIA GAMING 2 miesięcy temu
Everyone: oh knife Me: woh so cute cat
Kyra LaBar
Kyra LaBar 2 miesięcy temu
Me, at the cats: “that man could kill you in an instant but won’t because he is the most benevolent of gods”
AdilVlone 2 miesięcy temu
All fun in games till the cat is in front of the blade 😳
Laura Moore
Laura Moore 2 miesięcy temu
Otis McDonald behind closed doors
Cyrhon Tan
Cyrhon Tan 2 miesięcy temu
0:35 The Cat is super Cute
yunboem gamer
yunboem gamer 2 miesięcy temu
Amazing I think that can cut to 10 paper and you have good English to
RYAN BLASE 2 miesięcy temu
“And have fun with it.” I don’t like where this is going...
TLG 2 miesięcy temu
Man i just want to pet your cat he looks so adorable and charming i almost cryed ngl
CombatDylan 2 miesięcy temu
"If you just google it then you can find so many videos done by professionals and I highly recommend you watch those." Ah but you see, that is why I watch your videos.
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