How I Trained My Cats

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낼름이 5 minut temu
Oh before i click this video i read video's name and i figured this is Korean's contents and then i embarrassed cuz he uses American so i figured he's Korean living in America but when he went out with cat every person going for a walk is Asian and then he used.......... Japanese...... how talented he is.....?
Alice Sergi
Alice Sergi 16 minut temu
2:20 😍
Livia Laporte
Livia Laporte Godzinę temu
There was a time in my life where my cat knew how to high five. I missed it for 1 day and now he acts like it never happened
Nicebirdstv Godzinę temu
My new fiend cute cat
Classified Information
Classified Information 2 godzin temu
Mary Irving
Mary Irving 4 godzin temu
This is a lovely human. Sensitive and intelligent. Lucky pussy cats
Zunera Plays
Zunera Plays 6 godzin temu
That’s a cute kitty
Karline Cainglet
Karline Cainglet 6 godzin temu
i want to have a cat :((
Jace WHITTAKER 6 godzin temu
wait what if they are feral cats?
Datuna Mgeladze
Datuna Mgeladze 6 godzin temu
my cat run away cuz he saw a girlfriend lmao
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards 12 godzin temu
Poki has a cute half tail.
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards 12 godzin temu
Did you hear about the cat obedience school? It went bankrupt.
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards 12 godzin temu
Nothing like a dude who appreciates cats!
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards 12 godzin temu
My cats would say forget that.
matt waldman
matt waldman 12 godzin temu
The gray greasy great john inversely fear because angle grossly permit given a cold steven. eminent, chemical week
Aang 12 godzin temu
👁 👁 👅
Sevothtarte Sama
Sevothtarte Sama 12 godzin temu
😱 I ... haven’t been here for a while, but what happened to Leo? Am I crazy to remember that you had a cat named Leo? 😱
Bartłomiej Odachowski
Bartłomiej Odachowski 13 godzin temu
cats have mindfuck why the check u are doing this, it's really cool but from their perspective unnecessary, but probably it has good sides too so idk
poly mations
poly mations 14 godzin temu
Those knife skills tho
harrish6 14 godzin temu
Great cat video very informative.
Marie Goble
Marie Goble 15 godzin temu
I really appreciate how this man respects each cat’s personality and behaves accordingly with each - no trying to “shove a square into a circle.” His kitties obviously love and trust him.💖💕
Valentina Boccaccio
Valentina Boccaccio 16 godzin temu
ma perché tutto in italiano e poi parli in inglese?
Blink Kafası
Blink Kafası 17 godzin temu
Kedilerin çok tatlı Kedime bunları öğreticem
Mike Forester
Mike Forester 19 godzin temu
1:00 "ok hooman, as long as you feed me I'll not consider murdering you"
MyoStudio 20 godzin temu
Poki is...POKI.
OPIL mask
OPIL mask 20 godzin temu
animal abuse
Cyber Legend
Cyber Legend 21 godzinę temu
Just like a dog.
Theresa M
Theresa M 21 godzinę temu
60+million views!!! Holy cow. I need a YT channel.
Desért• [TR]
Desért• [TR] 21 godzinę temu
Poki is very cute
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow 22 godzin temu
Great attitude.
ロズウェルタイム 23 godzin temu
😻❤️(=^ェ^=) 👍
NIAZ RAHMAN 23 godzin temu
You are not allowed to pass the "I am not a robot" test if you did not smile during this video😍
Alfiyyah Ulya
Alfiyyah Ulya Dzień temu
60M? Goshhh. I was here when it still less than 10M. Congrats jun!
Nasrin Marzuki
Nasrin Marzuki Dzień temu
Can i touch your cat please
Diyana Laurenthia
Diyana Laurenthia Dzień temu
cute 😻😻
Haim Park
Haim Park Dzień temu
But cats bite if you do that
_ Kulio _
_ Kulio _ Dzień temu
Это шикарно!)
Şüheda Dzień temu
aşırı güzel bir video
Niamhs band stuff
Niamhs band stuff Dzień temu
First step: hold their paw My cat always removes it straight away
Samaya H
Samaya H Dzień temu
Sweet babies😍
AndroWalker Dzień temu
Were these not cgi lol..?
surveyguyor Dzień temu
my kitty turns 19 next month. Just 6 months ago she started something new. a very-very gentle touch when she wants something. different than she ever did before. (keep in mind, she's been pretty energetic her whole previous life, just now slowing down like any other cat would have 10 years ago).
surveyguyor Dzień temu
awesome. That sneeze is to blow the smell across the olfactory glands. You can see dogs do it all the time as they sniff. They actually smell, then "huff" it blows what they just sniffed, across the olfactory glands and out the other holes in their snout. it doesn't really blow it back out the nose like a sneeze.
Selma Zengin
Selma Zengin Dzień temu
This is not training. You can not train a cat. You are leaving them hungary and thats why they stay on your head all the time cause they want to eat something they want to be pet damn!
8D Japanese Music
8D Japanese Music Dzień temu
I don't think this guy is an Japanese people His accent sounds like American accent bruh wha
IYAS TV Dzień temu
My cat also loves to roll out his body when he’s outside, im thinking that he likes to play
Kim Mim
Kim Mim Dzień temu
So cuuuuuute and soft 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
PickledAir Dzień temu
I like getting pinned comments with lots of likes
Arlette Rosa
Arlette Rosa Dzień temu
Ewwww.. You touch the cat...then you make them breathe on your food...just not hygienic....they have different kin of germ and bacteria....and need a microscope
Reincarnation Dzień temu
He is a cat whisperer....I want to live close to him. 🥰 😻
Carolyn Harper
Carolyn Harper Dzień temu
Very cute critters. They secretly wish that they had opposable thumbs so that they can open doors, etc. Like the Bullet train in the bike ride portion!
Вилли Ш
Вилли Ш Dzień temu
BRAVO! 60 mln!
mark K
mark K Dzień temu
Mag S
Mag S Dzień temu
IG: JustFlazey
IG: JustFlazey Dzień temu
is kohaku by chance named after the demon slayer in inuyasha?
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel Dzień temu
My 9 month old cat is so scared to go outside, I don’t get why😂 anyone got any tips on how to get him to start goin outside?
renzo lanip
renzo lanip Dzień temu
Sophia William
Sophia William Dzień temu
I really love the way u treat ur cats and also the neighborhood you live in❤️❤️❤️ hope to visit Japan someday🤞
Virginia Renzi
Virginia Renzi Dzień temu
Oh my God this was excellent thank you 😊
Lola 2 dni temu
Cool apple art
Cara McLaughlin
Cara McLaughlin 2 dni temu
Me: Oh wow I should try that Also me: *grabs cats paw gently* The cat: *Bites my hand*
Carla Pantea
Carla Pantea 2 dni temu
I don't have a cat YET but this video maked me feel better an i think my future cat woud love to do this in my apartment 💙. Thanks @JunsKitchen for this video! Love from Romania ☮
Konapala Snehita Manojna
Konapala Snehita Manojna 2 dni temu
That thumbnail... That damn thumbnail!
비니의마케팅이야기 2 dni temu
한국인 없나...?
TailsBlast 2 dni temu
m e o w
Valerie J
Valerie J 2 dni temu
I would never let my cat jump up onto a work surface or cooker hood. Not that it is just unhygienic but most of all I would dread the day he did it and there was boiling water, hot fat, something sharp etc there. We should teach what keeps our pets safe, in the way we do children.
Edward Lorenz
Edward Lorenz 2 dni temu
delirmiş kediler :)
dhj jhk
dhj jhk 2 dni temu
Cats are really cute . Really nice and trained cats.
Chiaki Nanami and Monomi
Chiaki Nanami and Monomi 2 dni temu
2:23 that is illegal-
cat alarm
cat alarm 2 dni temu
he loves cat he's speakong japanese × _ ×
Dan Cheetham
Dan Cheetham 2 dni temu
4:14 your cat was rolling in a piss stained bench by either an animal or a hobo, and then you pet him right after hahaha, and you said "cat nip" lmao im dying... ive edited this three times now lmao.....I can't....
Humanity 2 dni temu
yeah i was thinking it was another animal who marked their scent there. but a hobo eeeh i'm not sure if there are many hobos in japan
MrWeter22 2 dni temu
Обалденно! :)
kaka dewantara
kaka dewantara 2 dni temu
Nightjar 2 dni temu
Cats on a leash is just wrong
UNEED8 Store
UNEED8 Store 2 dni temu
They understand you don't have a dog 😂
Estephania Alvarado
Estephania Alvarado 2 dni temu
Es lo mejor que he visto desde hace mucho tiempo 🥺
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith 2 dni temu
The ajar writer realistically mess up because niece immunophenotypically request into a stormy violet. cool, interesting africa
İlbilge Özbalaban
İlbilge Özbalaban 2 dni temu
Amy Walker
Amy Walker 2 dni temu
We couldn't have tea that our one cat would be right there wanting to smell the bag. I gave her one once and you'd think I had given her catnip.
Barbara Kiewe
Barbara Kiewe 2 dni temu
Such gorgeous babies!
Beelzemo Babbity
Beelzemo Babbity 2 dni temu
I love that at the end he says how not all cats are able to, or have to be able to do these things.
La La
La La 2 dni temu
I feel like this guy pays his bills on time and returns phone calls.
Youssef Kamal
Youssef Kamal 2 dni temu
My cats don't like baths, what should I do ?😅
Humanity 2 dni temu
Don't force them if they don't want to, and cats are generally ok without baths. They clean themselves. You should only give them a bath if there's something in their fur or if they rolled in mud or something.
Youssef Kamal
Youssef Kamal 2 dni temu
And when I walk out my cat they look at me like I'm crazy 😅🤷‍♂️
Neha Joshi
Neha Joshi 2 dni temu
Fisso Channel
Fisso Channel 2 dni temu
Omg!! I love 💕 😻😻
JEWELS 2 dni temu
Your cat's harness looks you had the part for the back on his chest. The lead attaches on the back not the chest.
WaxestLowa732 R
WaxestLowa732 R 2 dni temu
Надежда Ярошинская
Надежда Ярошинская 2 dni temu
Those who don't like cats are dangerous for the society. Period.
Надежда Ярошинская
Надежда Ярошинская Dzień temu
@misterunusual I really envy you in a good way! I wish we could keep a cat or two. It's literally my dream.
misterunusual Dzień temu
@Надежда Ярошинская i have a cat by the way and he's the best tiny boy
Надежда Ярошинская
Надежда Ярошинская Dzień temu
@misterunusual both my husband and daughter are acutely allergic to cats. But they absolutely adore cats ! Our two beloved cats have already passed away and we can't adopt another cat because of their allergies but we monthly donate substantial amounts of money to the shelter to support cats who are waiting for being adopted by kind people .
misterunusual Dzień temu
Why exactly? The person could be allergic to a cat
Ola Grynhagel
Ola Grynhagel 2 dni temu
Gdzie można kupić taką smycz dla kota?
Emilia Kivisaari
Emilia Kivisaari 2 dni temu
my cat goes out when ever he wants and he always cames back
Mr8mazing Playz
Mr8mazing Playz 2 dni temu
I just lock mine up in the basement
Bahar Bostan
Bahar Bostan 2 dni temu
I don't even have a cat l... but I'm definitely a cat person without a cat :D so thanks internet for what it gives for us. I can just check cat videos any time that I want :D I know this is kinda funny but yesterday I realized how these kind of videos made me happy :D thanks technology :D
Bendy 3 dni temu
how to train your kittens or cats :D!
Butter Pat
Butter Pat 3 dni temu
60M views What on earth! I was one of your first generation subscribers. haHaha
Привет меня зовут melia
Привет меня зовут melia 3 dni temu
I really love cats 😻
A Hameed
A Hameed 3 dni temu
how you control your cats hair fall? please answerrrrrr
Kaitlyn B
Kaitlyn B 3 dni temu
This is adorable! 🥰
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