Cooking birthday presents for my wife!

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I tried looking up products for preserving flowers that are similar to the ones I used, but unfortunately I couldn't find any. All the results I got were like drying flowers, using glycerin, or using silica gel. But the way I preserve and dye flowers using a single liquid is really convenient. If anyone knows a product similar to the one I used then please let me know!
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JunsKitchen 2 lat temu
Hi guys! Thank you so much for your support on patreon like always! My wife was very happy I made her present and she uses the chapstick every day now. I tricked her a little because I asked her to try my recipe and she thought she was going to eat food, and she already said before she didn’t think it was good idea to try my recipes in my videos so she was really confused why suddenly I ask again. But when she knew I made her gifts she was very happy and excited to watch the video to see how I made them. She also made me a terrarium with handmade dolls of us for my birthday so I wanted to make something as good as hers. I don’t know what to do for next her birthday but oh man, I’ll just keep trying. :b By the way, I opened a second channel for smaller videos or cooking vlogs, and I just uploaded my cooking panel on the history of Japanese knives and cooking tips if anyone is interested:
DelDel Del
DelDel Del 2 dni temu
panxoa Sallaberry
panxoa Sallaberry 13 dni temu
Your channel is so peaceful 💙 When I see your life, I just want to leave this fast and noisy society.
Мамины вкусные рецепты
Мамины вкусные рецепты Miesiąc temu
Очень красивое поздровление!!!🌺🌺🌺
Nadezhda Ligacheva
Nadezhda Ligacheva Miesiąc temu
Very beautiful!!! Очень красиво. У вас очень атмосферные видео. Смотреть на природу и окрестности - вообще релакс!!
Aria Yi
Aria Yi Miesiąc temu
@macreff im surprised you weren't concerned about the super glue tho haha
Тушкан 2 godzin temu
Видео такое милое и эстетичное, так ещё и с субтитрами 🥺💛 Это лучший канал без сомнения 🦋🦋
hi hello
hi hello 20 godzin temu
This video just makes me 😁
lj zb
lj zb Dzień temu
Love the video but mineral oil is really bad for you (and the environment)
Melvi Garcia
Melvi Garcia Dzień temu
Que romántico 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Amo ver personas así de enamoradas
surveyguyor Dzień temu
I also let my cat smell everything. My narrative goes "Again, that doesn't smell edible. What a waste of time, stupid human".
Aleyna Bozdemir
Aleyna Bozdemir 2 dni temu
That great idea I ever seen and so special because you made with your hands
Anika Rose
Anika Rose 2 dni temu
Масло жожоба 😂
Grelly Beans
Grelly Beans 2 dni temu
Wow.. I was here when the channel was small.. and I come back and he has 5.7 mil subscribers 🥺 I’m so happy
Nisha Mathur
Nisha Mathur 3 dni temu
Good cats 🐱
Thanos Beifong
Thanos Beifong 3 dni temu
Japan just have everything huh....
Susan Nooyen
Susan Nooyen 3 dni temu
You are so thoughtful!! I also love how you treat your cats!
Buon Giorno!
Buon Giorno! 6 dni temu
Damn they look so pretty
JuliTUBE 7 dni temu
Oh my GOD, Rachel and U r so very blessing to have each other
toifurzx 7 dni temu
Her life is very beautiful ^^
Aiko Zoe
Aiko Zoe 7 dni temu
you are so creative :)
jack egan
jack egan 8 dni temu
Nagi is so beautiful
Darlene P
Darlene P 8 dni temu
Wow I Love these💗🥰 You are a Lucky Girl, Rachel ☺️😍💖
Deluxray 8 dni temu
“I wanted to give you flowers but flowers die quickly so” 🥺
Ezra Garcia
Ezra Garcia 8 dni temu
i love how excited he was to give her the gift and it's just very wholesome vibes and i absolutely dig it
Nurul Nadhirah Binti Suhazli
Nurul Nadhirah Binti Suhazli 9 dni temu
I wanted to give you flower, but flower die quickly,so I thought I should make something that last for a while - Jun
amandaaa 9 dni temu
can i be your side chick
yutehuroたゃねわなまらわみ 9 dni temu
Lena Isaenko
Lena Isaenko 9 dni temu
It's the most beautiful and kind chanel I've ever seen!! Thank you so much) hi from Ukraine ))
Sarah Jaggi
Sarah Jaggi 10 dni temu
So cute! I want to try it for mz self lol Btw I just wanted to know, anyone know the name of the flower that Jun picked ( the one who are in the house) I just fall in love with those flower and I didn't find the name . Ps I really really loved the diys !!!
Dhi Nidi
Dhi Nidi 11 dni temu
I rewatch this video after that QnA and I was surprised that there are people said mean things about Rachel because the first time I watched this video I didn't think Rachel's respond is weird or whatever. She's just being herself and I love her that way. This channel is a piece of joy. If people can't say something nice, they better shut up.
Grace Warnke
Grace Warnke 11 dni temu
this is so peaceful.
AB Mel, Vic
AB Mel, Vic 11 dni temu
what a lovely gift and gesture. His wife is so lucky.
Chopper 11 dni temu
6:55 my stupid ass thought he was gonna put Chapstick on the cat
Fizban 2501
Fizban 2501 12 dni temu
First it was Chris... that strange British Guy, then it was Sharla, and now i've found You both. And know this that I am staying with you on every channel and video i will find. I love all that You do so please don't stop.
uwu 13 dni temu
Where do i get the Lipstick cases
Jéssica Torres
Jéssica Torres 13 dni temu
Que lindo presente 😍
i wan to be a crab
i wan to be a crab 13 dni temu
im watching this rn and its valentine's day:'D gawdem i wan a husband like him
Zeynep Balık
Zeynep Balık 14 dni temu
very nice what you do for your wife 🌸 by the way do you know Turkish?
Domie Cat
Domie Cat 14 dni temu
Did you try to cook salvage plants you can find during your walks ?
Alisson Meylison
Alisson Meylison 15 dni temu
Какой ты крутой мужчина!!! Ну так стараться для своей любимой жены, это выше моих мечтаний))) редко встретишь в жизни мужей, которые своими руками сделали бы подарки!!!! Класс!!!! Повезло жене с тобой;)
Shimizu Sora
Shimizu Sora 16 dni temu
I am honestly impressed by the gifts you are preparing... Amazing!
Nonya Biz
Nonya Biz 16 dni temu
Rachel's appreciative, truly stunned surprise, said everything good about this lovely gift this was favorite soothing video, on repeat, for quite a while during lockdown saved to favorites..even shared with husband because it is beautiful
Mr. Parra
Mr. Parra 17 dni temu
lunitee 18 dni temu
It’s amazing, you such a nice guy! But as someone who studied natural cosmetics, I should tell you that I don’t recommend putting plastic objects, glue, and commercial flowers full of pesticides to macerate in oil you will put on your body. Glue, pesticides and some plastics contain particles that will transfer in the oil, be absorbed by the skin and becoming neurotoxic are dangerous to your health.
وسيل سعد
وسيل سعد 19 dni temu
exellente vidéo mais je ne suis là que pour les chats surtout le dernier à la fin :)
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 19 dni temu
Plot twist his wife is the cat!!!
yes 19 dni temu
the beeswax looks like chocolate can i eat it
şurina 19 dni temu
Mükemmel bir eşsin aw
Y T 20 dni temu
Cooking with Razia Sultan
Cooking with Razia Sultan 21 dzień temu
Malace Farse
Malace Farse 21 dzień temu
wait a second?! people got angry over that..... Rachael, your such a monster lol.
M1122 22 dni temu
You make me want to live in Japan for my rest of life.
Salsabila Fitri
Salsabila Fitri 23 dni temu
сознательный гражданин
сознательный гражданин 23 dni temu
Твоя жизнь на столько интересна, что можно проебать свою что бы смотреть на твою
Bananowe love
Bananowe love 24 dni temu
Very impressive gifts, i would like to get :D
miaki ikazu
miaki ikazu 25 dni temu
I want to make the sakura chapstick for my girlfriend because her name is literally sakura (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Nass 25 dni temu
This vid is literally so therapeutic
misau_wrld 25 dni temu
Those are really pretty flowers
Kareb Apolinar
Kareb Apolinar 25 dni temu
Soo sweet!!! 🐺🐱🐈
Camila Selada
Camila Selada 25 dni temu
Ok is it just me who thought it looked like he was going on a date with his cat at the start
Anushka Sikdar
Anushka Sikdar 26 dni temu
Sarah Dar
Sarah Dar 27 dni temu
POV: you came from the ques and ans video and are trying to find the hate comments
Rose Quill
Rose Quill 26 dni temu
I feel like people must have deleted them after seeing the q&a video
Aleyna Mutlu
Aleyna Mutlu 27 dni temu
Hmm that’s interesting to see how or what each people take out of the video. I found out who I am too.
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz Garcia 27 dni temu
I've been trying to find any hateful comments on here in regards of myself watching Rachel's sad story on her latest Q&A video. But so far, I'm only seeing really positive comments!! (Which is a good thing!) ❤❤❤ Please keep on spreading love to Rachel and Jun... they definitely deserve it. 💕💕💕☺☺☺ It's honestly so depressing that there are people in this world who act like jerks... especially when there's a virus going around... stay safe and healthy, everyone. 💟💗💞💖
لجين 27 dni temu
اما مافي عرف😐
A. L
A. L 28 dni temu
You and your wife are so crazy artistic and talented! it's truly a gift!
Sinta Maulina
Sinta Maulina 29 dni temu
I hope my future husband can be like him❤️
anone 29 dni temu
"This is the first time I'm making something non-food on this channel, but I hope you'll still enjoy it" bro you can probably record yourself doing chores and itll be entertaining
RED com
RED com 29 dni temu
Nita Dwi Fitriani
Nita Dwi Fitriani Miesiąc temu
multi talented:)
honeiimochi Miesiąc temu
Hey Rachel, Jesus loves you, its gonna be ok.
Jack Integralista
Jack Integralista Miesiąc temu
Plot Twist: the real wife is the cat
Naddia Louis
Naddia Louis Miesiąc temu
Cooking birth day gifts?@.@
Sumit with an S
Sumit with an S Miesiąc temu
Me heard sakura Also me - Naruto flash backs What did u expect a ty but it was me Dio Kono Dio da
Farida Nur
Farida Nur Miesiąc temu
I want husband like juns in the future😭❤ so sweet
Witch Wheeze
Witch Wheeze Miesiąc temu
Idk why..Japanese things are always so cute 😍😍
Lυηα Miesiąc temu
What happened to Rachel? İs she okay?
saldiamond Miesiąc temu
Coming here from the recent Q&A video, and idk what people were going on about. It was incredibly selfless to come on camera despite having a panic attack moments before. Even if that wasn't the case, not everyone is the type to be loud and boisterous about a present or surprise. Rachel obviously expressed gratitude and interest. I'm sorry she had to read so many mean comments. Thanks Jun for sharing and making such a beautiful present :)
Smelly Patel
Smelly Patel Miesiąc temu
Imagine cooking for your wife, what a simp. This guy's ancestors are probably ashamed of him.
Mey 26 dni temu
where's the /j
Lina Wisam
Lina Wisam 28 dni temu
J Micah A
J Micah A Miesiąc temu
It’s so wild bc she did not sound upset at all, she sounded confused but also happy and humored, I can’t believe people were so mean about her reactions. She complimented them and everything
Lisa Maria
Lisa Maria Miesiąc temu
Es ist so schön zu sehen mit wie viel liebe die Videos gemacht sind ,und auch wie viel liebe den Katzen gegeben wird🌸einfach toll👏♥️
curtisdrago Miesiąc temu
It's either I get a Jun or a *be* a Jun!
miau Miesiąc temu
You both are so cute :( ♡ I'm literally in love.
angelica hedberg
angelica hedberg Miesiąc temu
can someone please tell me the names of these flowers?? especially the blue and white one? they’re really pretty 🥺🥺
ゆっぴー Miesiąc temu
AgReSivE x PET
AgReSivE x PET Miesiąc temu
Сдесь есть русские?Там где такие котики не может не быть русских)
violet light
violet light Miesiąc temu
MSEAD123 Miesiąc temu
Wow!!! This video puts every man to shame! I just showed it to my husband and he was in awe! How thoughtful and wonderful!! What a super lucky lady to have a husband that would take the time and effort to make something so pure, and beautiful!!! All, also while entertaining the babies, (kitties)!
Stacia West
Stacia West Miesiąc temu
Does anyone know what the light purple flowers were? I love them so much and I've always wondered what they were
Dorin New_life
Dorin New_life Miesiąc temu
Nothing is more sexier and romantic when your man gifted you handmade presents.
楊康_成功购买Surface Pro 7
楊康_成功购买Surface Pro 7 Miesiąc temu
什么? 竟然有老婆了
Anime_Manga:: أنمي مانجا
Anime_Manga:: أنمي مانجا Miesiąc temu
Olivia Bennington
Olivia Bennington Miesiąc temu
Does anyone know what the Japanese product is that preserves flowers at the same time?
Big Vape
Big Vape Miesiąc temu
Bruh i wanna be your wife
ItzIshaanTV Miesiąc temu
I love how he has the patience to make this present
Frickface Migee
Frickface Migee Miesiąc temu
Get you a man that makes you different kinds of homemade chapstick and message oil
Yes yes No no
Yes yes No no Miesiąc temu
Is it just me or does it look like living in Japan makes your life 100x better
Rudley Kamiya
Rudley Kamiya Miesiąc temu
Jun is the Rodrigo Hilbert from Japan 😁
Kiko Hope
Kiko Hope Miesiąc temu
Where is the place? So beautiful.
Drunk Doggy
Drunk Doggy Miesiąc temu
Cotton Peanut
Cotton Peanut Miesiąc temu
i feel like juns wife mustve saved the universe for her previous life
Saurabh Chandra
Saurabh Chandra Miesiąc temu
Rachel has so much pressure for Jun's birthday now...
LazyGamerNyx Miesiąc temu
Love this visual ASMR
xandru8 Miesiąc temu
but I still can not find either the preservation liquid that he is using or something similar .... at least tell us how its called in japanese the liquid
Andromeda Tv
Andromeda Tv Miesiąc temu
eşi çok şanslı bence verilebilecek en güzel hediyelerden birisi .d
SLEEP-E Miesiąc temu
Don't have a girlfriend or wife , Make for your mom
I made a tree for my cats out of driftwood
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