I made a tree for my cats out of driftwood

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I wanted to make a cat tree to complete my cooking room and decided to try making one out of driftwood! I've never built anything before so this was a new experience for me but I'm happy with how it turned out, and more importantly so are my cats!
Also I asked my friend Ryo to do my new logo.Please check it if you're interested! :)
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Panasonic GH5 (amzn.to/2uomMqi)
Lens: LUMIX G LEICA (amzn.to/2eEYzbk)

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Mechanical Heart
Mechanical Heart Dzień temu
Watching old vids and can we just appreciate that his cats are always a focal point in Rachel and June videos? Food videos, cat trees, climbing poles, and now a house for the cats that Rachel and Jun just happen to live in as well.
Claudine Riduet
Claudine Riduet 3 dni temu
Magique !!!! superbe !!!! Bravo , j'adore l'idée de récupe et le feuillage ... C'est vraiment du beau travail ..Merci 😉💖💖
Eldho Thomas
Eldho Thomas 3 dni temu
plpost.info/chat/sODSo2WTqnd_eo4/wideo.html Amazing Driftwood planter making video!!
ゆうち 3 dni temu
Sophia Borbón
Sophia Borbón 3 dni temu
No sé nada de hablar inglés, pero me encanta conocerlo porque amo los gatitos igual que éste hombre
meg grotte
meg grotte 5 dni temu
Wow you have a beautiful home
meg grotte
meg grotte 5 dni temu
Oh awesome you rested a cat and you have three gosh I'm going to be watching a lot of your videos
meg grotte
meg grotte 5 dni temu
Your cats are awesome. I'm recovering from a broken shoulder but I have a cat who I've had for 10 years and a dog who I adopted a few months ago. They're being cared for by friends and tell my arm can recover only 7 more months to go
meg grotte
meg grotte 5 dni temu
I am a new subscriber I watched your video on your face paint it was awesome. Sadly I live in Taiwan and I'm American but it's not easy to get natural soil everything's online. So I have 10 beta tanks with Driftwood and live plants but I have colored gravel. Someday when I'm not working to jobs I like to be able to switch that Sunday. Anyways I like your channel I'll be watching more videos
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming 6 dni temu
Aku nyasar 🇮🇩
Maria Maso
Maria Maso 6 dni temu
Be nice to add carpet on the steps some scratching carpet
Vic Luna
Vic Luna 7 dni temu
Que hermoso te quedó, me encanta como disfruta simplemente el proceso con sus gatitos y amigos❤️
BarbaraL Lowell
BarbaraL Lowell 7 dni temu
what a beautiful family of five! Blessings for the love and comfort you extend to your feline family.
Violina Vin
Violina Vin 7 dni temu
Made from wood look cozy😍
Sierra Kennedy
Sierra Kennedy 8 dni temu
Haku is living his best cat life ❤❤❤
Stealthought 9 dni temu
Nice job human.
run dayday
run dayday 12 dni temu
An amazing job
Senne Chatsa
Senne Chatsa 14 dni temu
Be a real man be Vegan!!
Stormy Night
Stormy Night 14 dni temu
Makes me wish I was a cat if I could hang out on that tree
Choutzy 14 dni temu
14:42 that looks like oregano
Choutzy 14 dni temu
You look like the man that would give your last dollar to a homeless man :)
D PDD 14 dni temu
D R 15 dni temu
I want to live there 🤩
bluexwings 16 dni temu
Haku is so well behaved! Having grown up with a dog who was a runner, the opening made me a little stressed. lol
Afrah Johar
Afrah Johar 15 dni temu
Having a cat who is a runner, the opening made me stressed
It's up
It's up 16 dni temu
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Margarita Perez
Margarita Perez 16 dni temu
Beautiful work!!!👏👏👏👏
ツj2.f7 16 dni temu
لفيت مقاطعه كلها🥺
Emily Feagin
Emily Feagin 18 dni temu
That’s a beautiful piece The cats are lucky to have you
kral meryem
kral meryem 19 dni temu
Odette Peralta
Odette Peralta 19 dni temu
Precioso arbol preciosos gatitos con un papa amoroso
Ugur Tayefeh
Ugur Tayefeh 20 dni temu
Beniamino 20 dni temu
How Haku is so doglike?
Le Lethias
Le Lethias 20 dni temu
going with a cat for a walk isnt that impressive, but having it off the leach now thats something not many can accomplish
Maribel Gerez Gallardo
Maribel Gerez Gallardo 21 dzień temu
It is incredible what a fantastic tree! in it your kittens will enjoy, in addition to how beautiful it is! It is refreshing wherever you put it! if you were closer I would order one for you! you are a gem! 🌳🌳🌳🐱🐈
Adriana Evseev
Adriana Evseev 21 dzień temu
Beautiful 😃Thank you 🙏❤
Melina Sharpe
Melina Sharpe 21 dzień temu
I need him to build me a cat tree!
MV B 22 dni temu
Hermosa creación y que lindo que tus amigos ayuden en los proyectos. Divino cómo se llevan los gatos de bien.
Mr. bendy
Mr. bendy 22 dni temu
I wounder what you would do if you found a couple of logs on the beach cuz ive seen so many but tbh im canadian so i guess its why i expect to see logs (we have over 10000 boddies of freshwater lakes alone which is abit lake overkill
Pudgesmum1 22 dni temu
Such a good cat-daddy!!😺😺
Justus Scholz
Justus Scholz 22 dni temu
Eine frage , kannst du eigentlich Deutsch Sprechen und Verstehen ? , da du ja manchmahl Deutsche Titel benutzt
seni hiç alakadar etmez
seni hiç alakadar etmez 22 dni temu
Please do you make the kebab in Turkish cuisine
Dippy zippy Zeal
Dippy zippy Zeal 22 dni temu
Thanks! Fun to watch!
Cansel Mutlu
Cansel Mutlu 23 dni temu
turkish husbands vs jun :(
Ruth N
Ruth N 23 dni temu
All the project was done with lots of love 😘
sabrina felber
sabrina felber 23 dni temu
That's wonderful! Came out beautiful!
charles schauer
charles schauer 24 dni temu
Very Nice...
Plan B
Plan B 24 dni temu
》》 g r e a t j o b 《《
W W 24 dni temu
Deine Katzen haben ein wunderbares Leben, dank dir. ♡
Vanhaesebrouck Benedicte
Vanhaesebrouck Benedicte 25 dni temu
Bonsoir .. c magnifique votre travail , tout est précis et bien placé .. vos chats vont êtres très heureux d'avoir une supers vue , car les chats adorent êtres en hauteurs !! Félicitations , j'aiiime bcp
jennifer kane
jennifer kane 25 dni temu
Thank you for making my day, I'm so happy to have found you on PLpost...
g pn
g pn 25 dni temu
🤧❤❤❤ i loved it
no animals testing الحيوانات ليست للتجارب
no animals testing الحيوانات ليست للتجارب 25 dni temu
I love animals ❤
Carrol Moore
Carrol Moore 26 dni temu
When I'm crafting I used get irritable when my cats wanted to be right in the middle of everything. But I realized they just wanted to be a part of what I was doing. They weren't hurting anything. Other times I realize they're just curious
Carrol Moore
Carrol Moore 26 dni temu
How sweet. They love being around you
prissy pants
prissy pants 26 dni temu
I grow catnip too..my cats eat the whole plant...and then get excited
astraia 27 dni temu
Haku clearly likes Jun so much lmao
Olga Domiguezlopez
Olga Domiguezlopez 27 dni temu
Guauu que afortunados son los mininos al tener padres tan maravillosos saludos y gracias por amar a estos hermosos animalitos compañeros nuestros 💚💛❤❤🐱🐱🐱👍
kamille smith
kamille smith 28 dni temu
This is cool as hell
Brigitte Dujic
Brigitte Dujic 28 dni temu
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue 28 dni temu
Bucha Bucha
Bucha Bucha 29 dni temu
Круто! Тоже идея была на балконе сделать для кошки что то из веток дерева.возьму на заметку! Здорово получилось💪
Siti Nuraisyah
Siti Nuraisyah 29 dni temu
It's juat amazing for me
T G 29 dni temu
Super cute!! Could you make my Silver one please? I love the extra touch of the basket, so much more comfortable.
Anita Martins
Anita Martins Miesiąc temu
Quando eu crescer, eu quero ser legal que nem ele.
Gina Harrison
Gina Harrison Miesiąc temu
You are so imaginative, creative & talented ! You are a true artist. 🐯😘🐯 Your creation is not only functional for your furbabies, but is beautiful in your home as well !! Thank you for sharing this experience with us on PLpost !! I adore your kitties ! They adore their new cat tree ! 💝🐯🐱🐯💝
Michel Charles SPIEVAK
Michel Charles SPIEVAK Miesiąc temu
Belle installation, bravo 👋🇫🇷
Richard San Antonio
Richard San Antonio Miesiąc temu
(Comment made: 2021.April.10 {Quarantine year, oof-} If haku see stick, He gonna steal (Also I know I'm outdated-)
mari presta
mari presta Miesiąc temu
That came out really pretty !! And i have a stub tail kitty that looks like yours.. shes a naughty lil hellion tho. I think she needs a tree like this!
Amborica Saikia Baruah
Amborica Saikia Baruah Miesiąc temu
The way he saved the ant 🐜: compassion .The way he build the tree house for cats: creative and patience .The way he treats his life: meaningful!! Life is beautiful again
Patriotic Dandelions
Patriotic Dandelions 20 dni temu
I find myself hating most people. Then I see Jun and remember there are still good people in the world. 🐞
Scarlett❤️💦🐬 Miesiąc temu
Храни Господь добрых, любящих животных, мужчин, умеющих работать руками.
Marilou Pacadaljen
Marilou Pacadaljen Miesiąc temu
That is a very cool cat tree. Meowww 😸😻😾
Leila L
Leila L Miesiąc temu
Very pretty, but my 🐈 cats would chew on and ingest that fake moss and other greenery then promptly puke it back up 4 me 2 clean! 😁
Nelly Maier
Nelly Maier Miesiąc temu
Ты прекрасен парень, что так хорошо к ним относишься
Antonio Miesiąc temu
this look awesome.. good work guys.. :-)
Elif Miesiąc temu
türkçe bilen varmıdır
Vera Lucia Rodrigues
Vera Lucia Rodrigues Miesiąc temu
Sasha R
Sasha R Miesiąc temu
Очень здорово, захотелось такое-же! Спасибо!
Véronique Taminiau
Véronique Taminiau Miesiąc temu
Wouah 😻😻😻 super travail !! 👍❤️ c’est vraiment splendide !!! 👌🥰 bravo 👏👏👏🍀🌈☀️😘
Raka 7
Raka 7 Miesiąc temu
believe me i wanna live on that cat tree..😃🙃😂😂😂
patricia moritz
patricia moritz Miesiąc temu
patricia moritz
patricia moritz Miesiąc temu
patricia moritz
patricia moritz Miesiąc temu
patricia moritz
patricia moritz Miesiąc temu
Kingdom Cuts
Kingdom Cuts Miesiąc temu
Does Haku like car rides? 😍 My cat Toby is meowing loud and scared when we have to take him to the vet by car. Poor baby boy
Michele Rodriguez
Michele Rodriguez Miesiąc temu
vous avez que sa a faire pour vous occuper
Marina Ponomarenko
Marina Ponomarenko Miesiąc temu
Nella Charette
Nella Charette Miesiąc temu
What a great idea! It’s not only good for cats but it’s also a beautiful room decoration!
Leona Miesiąc temu
I enjoy your videos and interaction with your cats. Have you noticed if your cats are eating the fake leaves or moss? I bought a fake plant home and noticed my cats kept putting their heads through the fake leaves. I worried that they might think it's real and eat them so I removed the plant. Wonder if you've noticed the same with your cats?
Diane Young
Diane Young Miesiąc temu
Your cats are very lucky cats to have you as their owners but you could have just given them a toothbrush lol!
aaaaaaa Miesiąc temu
Looking at my basic cat tree Says sorry to my cat
Kamal Laarif
Kamal Laarif Miesiąc temu
👍👍👍👍👍 🐺🐈🐈😻😸👍👍👍💐💐💯💯👍🏜
JRodzTv Miesiąc temu
I’m new to the channel, where is this located looks so tropical 🏝
Donna Mealy
Donna Mealy Miesiąc temu
Your Supervisor and Coworker are adorable. They must really love helping you
Carola Fica Tessa
Carola Fica Tessa Miesiąc temu
"Hice un árbol de madera flotante para mis gatos" is the correct title, otherwise the cats are the ones made of driftwood.
Sean Zappulla
Sean Zappulla Miesiąc temu
Your English is fantastic.
Jean Charles Clement
Jean Charles Clement Miesiąc temu
Holy cow jun...... is there anything you can't do?..... I'm always impressed with the cooking, the cooking tools, the amazing video presentations, but turns out your artistry is even more multi- faceted!!
Graça Moraes
Graça Moraes Miesiąc temu
Lindos gatos, bem como a árvore feita para eles!
Amanda F
Amanda F Miesiąc temu
R. Blacky
R. Blacky Miesiąc temu
Cool! look at the cats there say perfect for chill out!!
Prudence Glasby
Prudence Glasby Miesiąc temu
I'm confused why the driftwood was scrubbed down before you removed the bark?
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