I made a tree for my cats out of driftwood

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I wanted to make a cat tree to complete my cooking room and decided to try making one out of driftwood! I've never built anything before so this was a new experience for me but I'm happy with how it turned out, and more importantly so are my cats!
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Callach nee DanTwee
Callach nee DanTwee 2 godzin temu
why did you remove the bark?
dorothee Van Lunar
dorothee Van Lunar 4 godzin temu
It looks amazing, I got a big tree for my cat, but this looks so much better 💜💜💜
surveyguyor 21 godzinę temu
WHOA !!!! N95 !!! Flashback!!!! The only ones now are stacked in manufacturers plants (nobody can buy so they are shutting the US factories down. Citizens cannot buy, only hospitals, and they don't need anymore.)
surveyguyor 21 godzinę temu
Hello, At the beginning of the video, can you tell me that road/beach? I am wondering if it's the road to the airport.
Vanilla Pod
Vanilla Pod Dzień temu
Planning to make this for my cat. Thanks Jun!
Colleen the CatLady
Colleen the CatLady Dzień temu
It's soooooooo cool seeing the cat 🐈 on the beach ⛱️!!!
ольга шахова
ольга шахова 2 dni temu
коты прилетели
ばんちゃんIceblue 2 dni temu
EduMation 2 dni temu
Everyone: Protective glasses Jun: *protecc my eyes*
william bush
william bush 3 dni temu
16.56 cat salad.
Monique Deleuze-Dordron
Monique Deleuze-Dordron 3 dni temu
J'adore ! Beau travail ! Il va falloir une deuxieme corbeille car Poki n'a pas l'air content ! Avec votre imagination fertile, vous allez trouver la solution pour mettre l'autre corbeille au meme niveau !!!
321 123
321 123 4 dni temu
да-да, в ядовитый пластик, котов заманивают только валерьянкой.
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham 4 dni temu
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Kaos Mynd
Kaos Mynd 4 dni temu
I love the idea, but I have to ask if you were planing on removing the bark then why go to the trouble of cleaning the pieces first? And using dish soap adds scents that aren't natural. Just saying.
victrola2007 4 dni temu
"Our Dad is one cool cat!" 🥰❣ just when I thought I couldn't love this channel any more!!! Did you guys know that there are 250 types of catnip? ❤
Katie Life
Katie Life 4 dni temu
Очень умные коты у вас и красивые. Даже не верится, что вы первый раз обрабатываете дерево!🙄👍
robyn carter
robyn carter 4 dni temu
Brilliant! Has anyone else noticed that Jun appears to be ambidextrous? There’s no ending to this guy’s talents!
Vinterfrid 4 dni temu
Indeed a clever cat who can find treats to eat. One might think finding food would be the most essential thing for any creature, but who would guess a cat could be that smart? Good boy!
Ann Oravetz
Ann Oravetz 4 dni temu
Safety first! You have all the PPE, that’s good.
Vero Medite
Vero Medite 4 dni temu
Ces chats ont de la chance d’avoir des maîtres très attentionnés et adorables avec eux ...ils sont très gâtés et le résultat final est top ! Bravo
Ирина Лакинская
Ирина Лакинская 5 dni temu
Пусть у всех котиков в мире будет такой хозяин! Умничка!золотые руки и доброе сердце)!👌👏👏👏👏👍☘️😺🙏
Goblin Takahashi
Goblin Takahashi 5 dni temu
susan olson
susan olson 5 dni temu
Nikken Luna Aroni
Nikken Luna Aroni 5 dni temu
Benny Mill
Benny Mill 5 dni temu
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E. DB 5 dni temu
Thank you so much for caring and loving so much your kitties! The world needs more people like you! Ericka and the International Aid For Animals Foundation team
Irmgard Ariallah
Irmgard Ariallah 5 dni temu
The Cat-Tree ist really beautiful. And the way you behave with your cats tells me, it must be a phantastic friendship from both sides!
Pilar Avila
Pilar Avila 6 dni temu
Es un árbol muy bonito ya lo tubiera yo pues tengo 2 gatos también me a gustado mucho
razzy 6 dni temu
You're a legend, dude.
taleandclaw rock
taleandclaw rock 6 dni temu
Bit worried about the fire risk of wooden shelf an inch above woodstove, but apart from that, absolutely gorgeous cat tree.
Kaos Mynd
Kaos Mynd 4 dni temu
It's ok. I'm pretty sure that is an electric heater with fake flames. No flue for one thing. My ex has a very similar unit, doesn't do much to heat the house but would work great in a cat corner.
Paquito Gallego
Paquito Gallego 6 dni temu
"Gatos de madera flotante", cuál es la novedad? Normalnente, la madera flota, asi que si en un trozo de madera pintan o diseñan un gato, y lo lanzan al agua: flota. COSA DIFERENTE ES NO SABER TRADUCIR AL CASTELLANO.
Jake Harris
Jake Harris 6 dni temu
Before: tree branch After: tree branch and a cat How did he make a cat 7:13
Felix Beutin
Felix Beutin 6 dni temu
How did Haku like the beach?
Oxana Klachkova
Oxana Klachkova 6 dni temu
MRiitta 7 dni temu
AnimeAddictDude 7 dni temu
Broooooo, this is insane
Melissa Jarvis
Melissa Jarvis 7 dni temu
Absolutely gorgeous!
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper 7 dni temu
WOW! The tree is beautiful! loved watching this video, thank you.
Rana Zengi
Rana Zengi 7 dni temu
😀😀😀 happy cats
Svetlana Gr
Svetlana Gr 8 dni temu
Difficult work that requires patience. A magnificent tree turned out! This is all from a great love for your pets.
Lisa Ayars
Lisa Ayars 8 dni temu
That looks really nice and your 🐈 🐈‍⬛ cats loved it they couldn’t wait for you to finish it before they were all over it. Excellent Job l know that your cats🐈 are going to be very happy with there own tree 🌲 in there home .! Lol😊
leafs autumn
leafs autumn 8 dni temu
What a unique scene!! Captured and we can watch it!!! A cat on the beach. PLpost is one of my fav platforms.
ArkMan 8 dni temu
Please can you teach me how to have my life together
claudia granados
claudia granados 8 dni temu
Darlene P
Darlene P 8 dni temu
Beautiful , All your things you make are !!! 🤩 WoW 💖💕 Your cats are Beautiful 😻💕
Charlee Wayman
Charlee Wayman 8 dni temu
Really wonderful😊
anne avenia
anne avenia 8 dni temu
Superbe ! Magnifique ! Bravo !!!!
Ilo Raduenz
Ilo Raduenz 9 dni temu
So cute 🤗
People I Breathe Fresh O2.
People I Breathe Fresh O2. 9 dni temu
He used parts of a tree to make a tree... *Treeception* ok bad joke kill me lol
J'AIME Jésus-Christ
J'AIME Jésus-Christ 9 dni temu
Les chats sont plus heureux dehors 😥
Camille Kortis
Camille Kortis 9 dni temu
I think you could make some extra money if you wanted.This was way better than some cat trees I have seen with no imagination. Yours looks inviting and fun, think of all the lonely,boring cats you would be saving .
Yasi 9 dni temu
1:26 Simba
Eli H.
Eli H. 9 dni temu
jackie parsons
jackie parsons 9 dni temu
Good job!! I reckon u could get some orders in to make these trees..u would make a fortune..looks good in any room😊
Teresa y Adam
Teresa y Adam 9 dni temu
17/02/2021 saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Diana Haustova
Diana Haustova 9 dni temu
EthiC FPV 9 dni temu
If you want to "hide" the screws better, you can use a bigger drill just slightly on top of the pre-drilled hole. Like that the screw fits in and doesn't stick out anymore.
Cinzia,silvia Guerra
Cinzia,silvia Guerra 9 dni temu
You are a good boy. The cats love a tree where they can go up and down. Hello, from Italy (milano). Cinzia
Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes
Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes 9 dni temu
Artistically, Creatively Beautiful!
Marianne Fleischer
Marianne Fleischer 10 dni temu
ihr seid ja so lieb und goldig ich freue mich dass es euch und eure katzen gibt alles liebe
Ideffix_Cat22 10 dni temu
Wow, this is amazing 🥰☮☯️🏆🎉🎋♻️🏝🌴🌿aww adorebol 🐱🐱🐱cats Thanks for oploding 🌈☺
Aslıhan Evim
Aslıhan Evim 10 dni temu
salih çok güzelmiş çok beğendim .(Türkiye'den sesleniyorum ) ayrıca kedilerinizi salınca nasıl kaçmıyorlar? Benim kedim yavru ve çok hareketli .Bu fotorafımdakide kedim
Sally 10 dni temu
Beautiful cat tree, made with love!
Slow Motion
Slow Motion 10 dni temu
cool! I bet it burns good!
edward lewandowski
edward lewandowski 11 dni temu
ScientificRedP 11 dni temu
Juns can literally made car with only used can and battery
Carolyn Klenk
Carolyn Klenk 11 dni temu
Very well done!!
Bagus Nisa Vlog
Bagus Nisa Vlog 11 dni temu
Very good... always success your content
Zoe Morelos
Zoe Morelos 11 dni temu
# piki forever
mocki 12 dni temu
Wow, I would love that tree for me! Beautifully done! The kitties are so sweet too!
America Libertad
America Libertad 12 dni temu
Hi, is a excellent video, can you tell me what is the name of the cat plant you use for rubb the one step on the tree? Thanks
Nat LP
Nat LP 12 dni temu
Horrible idea! All the staining, small pieces glued- TOXIC TOXIC TOXIC and HAZARDOUS!
Suzanne Lefebvre
Suzanne Lefebvre 12 dni temu
Une bonne idée pour les minous,bravo, vous travaillez bien SL
bgdavenport 12 dni temu
You have the coolest cats! What country is this? I see the right hand drive.
Nik Nik
Nik Nik 12 dni temu
ВСЕ КРУТО,но столько лишних листьев,,,они же скоро обрастут пылью
irina irina
irina irina 12 dni temu
здорово ! стильно ! буду пробовать.
Young Lee
Young Lee 13 dni temu
belight44 13 dni temu
I love how the cats are helping you😍
Σάββα GT-R
Σάββα GT-R 13 dni temu
Very nice project, though I have one improvement suggestion. The surface of the stairs and platforms is too smooth and slippery. You could cover it with a rough fabric so the cats will have a better grip and be more comfortable with it.
Sheila Bishop
Sheila Bishop 13 dni temu
really turned out nice! Thanks for sharing ...I love it!
Sheila Bishop
Sheila Bishop 13 dni temu
very helpful!
karenvknight 13 dni temu
Wonderful - so cute laying together - good job
karenvknight 13 dni temu
is this in japan
Nieshkan 14 dni temu
I think I want to be Rachel and Jun's cat
Virginia Conway
Virginia Conway 14 dni temu
The cat tree is beautiful!!!! You pay attention to your cats & it shows! GREAT!!
Елена Малехина
Елена Малехина 14 dni temu
Хочу что-то подобное сделать, но думаю безопаснее полочки обшить тканью типа ковролина, фетром, чем-то таким чтоб не соскользнули
Auburn and Grey
Auburn and Grey 14 dni temu
Friendly cautionary note: If the cats chew or eat the fake plants they could get an internal blockage. Huge vet bills. Possibly fatal. May explain all the dislikes. Happened to my cat long ago.
Barbara Soto Lucas
Barbara Soto Lucas 14 dni temu
Did the leaves last long?
Eva Smith Turton
Eva Smith Turton 14 dni temu
baansanruk Iammam
baansanruk Iammam 15 dni temu
your cats so cute. i can't do the same like you but i love to see how to diy tree house for cat because i have 8 cats in my life. hahaha
Marian B.
Marian B. 15 dni temu
Jun and Rachel are creating the Garden of Eden for.... their 3 cats 🤩🤩😻😻😻 without the snake, haha!
Laura Troxel
Laura Troxel 15 dni temu
All the greenery is nice, but my cats would destroy that! The tree, a huge winner!!
Marian B.
Marian B. 16 dni temu
Haku: Oh, ant on stick, must have. Jun: Oh, it's on your face, it's here...let me save the ant. Haku: looking surprised, interested. Jun: I'm saving the ant. (to Haku): Say goodbye to the ant. Haku: Uhmm, what? Uhmm, okay, have it your way, I love you anyway. 😊🤗🧡😊💚🤗💜😻🐈 Thank you, Jun, for living with your cats in such a playful and intelligent way, gentle too, no rushing, no stress running around. Which shows how deeply you understand cats. I've had 7 cats in my life and I'm waiting to find the 8th, actually a ginger cat this time, with a fluffly tail. Your way of being with the cats and teaching them, like keeping Haku involved in looking for the right driftwood, is truly showing in the body language of your cats. You're engaging them in all sorts of activities and experiments, giving them praise when they're learning. Like with the bell, which is sooooo funny to wacth. They are so awake, calm and perceptive, as if you allow them to use much more of their abilities. When I watch your interaction with your cats, it's truly what non-violent communication is about, as I perceive it. It's a joy to see you with the cats and the adventures you share. At home and outdoors. it's very inspiring and fun 🙋‍♀️
Finist 16 dni temu
You are a great designer, Jun, this tree isn't just a posh get-together point for cats, it's added a lot of charm to the room itself. We are waiting for new ideas!
Alice Amos
Alice Amos 16 dni temu
Very beautiful but not very functional for cats.
gonza 8
gonza 8 16 dni temu
where in japan is this beach?
gonza 8
gonza 8 16 dni temu
that heater so close to the tree isnt it dangerous? is your wife form Scotland?
Andrea Waterstreet
Andrea Waterstreet 16 dni temu
Of course the tuxedo is the chatterbox!
Xain malik
Xain malik 16 dni temu
MashaAllah so nice ...
Георг Минск
Георг Минск 16 dni temu
Супер 👍
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