Shez Shez
Shez Shez 21 godzinę temu
Yum 😋 🍜 ❤️
Jason Wen
Jason Wen 22 godzin temu
C a t i s c o o l
Gede Arya
Gede Arya 22 godzin temu
4:58 Thumbnail
Jason Wen
Jason Wen 22 godzin temu
Bts Army girl026
Bts Army girl026 22 godzin temu
So i have a cat but today we brought a new cat but my cat is not doing anything only making noises and the new cat is so scared and dk what to do
Shane F
Shane F 23 godzin temu
I dont think I would fancy a cat gawking down at me from a height while preparing food
Bubble Light Games
Bubble Light Games 23 godzin temu
The cat like: of you cleanin it? Okay I clean my paw In the start
bathestyles Dzień temu
Could someone explain to me what he did with the fried garlic?
ManuYecla 風竜 Juegoideo
ManuYecla 風竜 Juegoideo Dzień temu
The cats waiting their food 😍
Mohamed El Amine BENABDELKADER Dzień temu
How many times could you have someone throwing flame on crepes if jun wasn't here
Manree Dzień temu
My 5$ knife could barely cut watermelon, I feel scammed
helo jeff
helo jeff Dzień temu
Jun is the most a innocent man i know ( if that makes sense )
Amo Lam
Amo Lam Dzień temu
Varshith Manchikanti
Varshith Manchikanti Dzień temu
This guy won at life
Prysm Dzień temu
Good and chill vibes
Mechanical Heart
Mechanical Heart Dzień temu
Watching old vids and can we just appreciate that his cats are always a focal point in Rachel and June videos? Food videos, cat trees, climbing poles, and now a house for the cats that Rachel and Jun just happen to live in as well.
Alica Girová
Alica Girová Dzień temu
The camera is absolutely beautiful❤❤❤ great job!
Aria-Kun Dzień temu
1$ knife sharpness V Sweeping edge III +8 attack damage
Rei Ayanami
Rei Ayanami Dzień temu
lovely video <3
Roses Blood
Roses Blood Dzień temu
That's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful and amazing .. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love it 🌹🌹🌹🌹
IT’s MeMew
IT’s MeMew Dzień temu
Your video so amazinggggg i like your lifestye very muchhhhhhhhhhhh anddd your cats so cuteeeeeee ahhhhh😭😭😭
Levent Surenkok
Levent Surenkok Dzień temu
Alternative title for the Cat PLpost: How I Tricked The Human To Give Me Food?
Rylei Singleton
Rylei Singleton Dzień temu
Thank u so much for that I cats love it all 12 of them do
リューマ Dzień temu
なんなんこの猫、、 可愛すぎる笑
просто имя
просто имя Dzień temu
what breed and redhead?🙏🙏🙏🙏
assthecheck Dzień temu
3:35 DOGE-1 incoming
ねこいあお Dzień temu
Henry Proctor
Henry Proctor Dzień temu
Riski Romadhona
Riski Romadhona Dzień temu
Haku and Nagi looks happy ☺️ love the nature ☺️
Suharto Dzień temu
Awesome knife.... Glowing
Mythspa 63
Mythspa 63 Dzień temu
I cant wait till you post your next video
Our Catio Home
Our Catio Home Dzień temu
Where is the "Love It" button? Amazingly inspired by your ideas, cats, cooking skills and videos!!! 👏🎬😻
Zukamiri Dzień temu
3:13 The Cat : How did you do that?
zaky akbar
zaky akbar Dzień temu
Its fun to watch😂
Tofu Dzień temu
I still cant believe I watched this same video 7times
🐑咩 Dzień temu
so cute😍😍😍
Crabik Dzień temu
That's good ! Sure for errors we old
Anna P C Ezhome C
Anna P C Ezhome C Dzień temu
How calm and patient is those cats mine can't stay
Chotika Sawatdipap
Chotika Sawatdipap Dzień temu
please make a new video soon i am still waiting
TheHexur GD
TheHexur GD Dzień temu
For whoever thinks he's gone, he's still not. He's still up in his side account (w/ Rachel)
만두좋아해 Dzień temu
이분 한국인 맞지? 한국인 댓글을 찾을수가 없누 ㅋㅋ 고양이들 되게 똑똑한듯
YAMI 。 Dzień temu
Me getting ready to kill mfs who eat popcorn with a spoon:
Chase Kartak
Chase Kartak Dzień temu
what is the name of the music in the video that shit is a total bop
راكان Dzień temu
سلام عليكم
Alex ツ
Alex ツ Dzień temu
Best video for cats..
Jovani Jaimes
Jovani Jaimes 2 dni temu
This wasn’t just a cooking video.. it was a flex.
Sukazu 2 dni temu
What's the name of the cleaner that was used in the beginning and is it possible to purchase online?
Succulent. 1998
Succulent. 1998 2 dni temu
3:12 *literalmente la cara de todos al ver el resultado* 💗Todo precioso el michi💗
no name
no name 2 dni temu
oh my cat..
Shirogetsu Yuuki
Shirogetsu Yuuki 2 dni temu
I'm glad you have those good cats My friend here doesn't want to get annoyed, I can't even move my legs when he's sleeping between them, he bites when I do 😆
AnimeDaisuki dz
AnimeDaisuki dz 2 dni temu
I love how patient they are unlike mine
Kizzy y
Kizzy y 2 dni temu
2:30 the look on that cats face gets me lmfao
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 2 dni temu
Poki seems honored to be able to smell the food instead of gobbling it all up
Duckie 2 dni temu
Now that's commitement. I wouldn't even cook this much for myself
HaeJun Lee
HaeJun Lee 2 dni temu
stanly Whitman
stanly Whitman 2 dni temu
Imagine how long that would take to learn to make this
Ana 2 dni temu
Me ENCANTAN tus videos
KZ Dee
KZ Dee 2 dni temu
this screams SVT Junhui playing with cats 😂
ginnyXP 2 dni temu
Amazing video!
Najmuz 2 dni temu
Hmm he stolen every vegetbale on farm
Panic At The Tesco
Panic At The Tesco 2 dni temu
My parents tried teaching me this as a kid but I didn't get it
JAY 2 dni temu
Keep in mind that like us and cats or dogs for that matter, are not the same. What works for one, might not work for the other.
Daniele Raiola
Daniele Raiola 2 dni temu
Every once in a while this video just show up in my home page
morpho mm
morpho mm 2 dni temu
Gamersheep 2 dni temu
I swear quantum science is easier than this
Dwitia Ayu Iswari
Dwitia Ayu Iswari 2 dni temu
I want to be like you when I grow up, wait, im a grown up already🥲
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume 2 dni temu
This man is incredible in so many ways, that even words can’t describe it
Sasha! 2 dni temu
Y'all these cats are literally dogs😂😂
Sasha! 2 dni temu
The ginger cat is literally a dog
Sasha! 2 dni temu
How the hell does he put on a lesh???? Iv been trying fr days n she just keeps biting me lol but maybe I need to find the right technique...
الناب الابيض
الناب الابيض 2 dni temu
The knife chopped orange, I've got juice
Rosie 2 dni temu
Awwwwwすぎる かわい
Melike Ay
Melike Ay 2 dni temu
Why dont you send the video
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 2 dni temu
Woah he looks so different! Yall just seem super duper happy and content 😌. I haven't been on the channel in over a year or 2 to not binge watch, and enjoy the quality of his videos. I love how calm it is... I love how the cats are still there for quality control 😍. I also even love how they include Poki into the videos. (He seems a little calmer, but playful) just all around the great content. Haha: Insult (and salt) the meat 🍖🤣
Brudhf Grbrhdhd
Brudhf Grbrhdhd 2 dni temu
i am so glad you still upload
翔様_きのこっぴ 2 dni temu
魚が捌かれていくのを 観るのめっちゃ好きなんよ
XeL NaGa
XeL NaGa 2 dni temu
LowKey Studios
LowKey Studios 2 dni temu
I swear Jun has got to have a side gig as a disney princess
Turbo 2 dni temu
I like Butter Chicken curry, and Tikka Masala as well.