Hylke Oosterdijk
Hylke Oosterdijk 5 godzin temu
I bet your cat could even sharpen a knife from watching you do it so much
ryan zheng
ryan zheng 5 godzin temu
2Noobs 6 godzin temu
noo where did he go :(
oliverato gomezuwu
oliverato gomezuwu 7 godzin temu
someone else saw that I use the traditional Japanese knife bought by myself. 3 dollars: 'D?
Herzilein 8 godzin temu
He is so cute, good Boy
イワノフアンドレイ 8 godzin temu
are you dead? its been 4 months
Gina Harrison
Gina Harrison 8 godzin temu
You are so imaginative, creative & talented ! You are a true artist. 🐯😘🐯 Your creation is not only functional for your furbabies, but is beautiful in your home as well !! Thank you for sharing this experience with us on PLpost !! I adore your kitties ! They adore their new cat tree ! 💝🐯🐱🐯💝
gregg walker
gregg walker 8 godzin temu
he should try herding cats
LINDAAA 8 godzin temu
I really like he’s style of the video, the cats, his voice and the background music is very calming
Péter Deák
Péter Deák 9 godzin temu
Not as planned
Pauliina K.
Pauliina K. 9 godzin temu
My cat enjoys eating my keto desserts. I think her true nature is vegan. :))
ERENHAN ÇOBAN 10 godzin temu
Can you tell me what is the cat's breed? I want british shorthair and a second cat more near it.
Flower Child
Flower Child 11 godzin temu
I've watched this video so many times, only now however, do I see the second cat in the window XD
jovs 11 godzin temu
15th time rewatching before actually trying the recipe
artini drastina
artini drastina 11 godzin temu
Wow, Jun, you're so awesome!! I don't even know how to make a swan out of an apple like that!!
Maria Luna
Maria Luna 12 godzin temu
The heavenly heavy hellish brake univariably box because crib focally grip times a concerned lasagna. scared, flimsy panties
Ester Solognon
Ester Solognon 13 godzin temu
うめ 13 godzin temu
いやいやいや、野菜たち切られたの気づいてないって。 特に最初のナス
Jacki Stuart
Jacki Stuart 13 godzin temu
The vegetable cutting was so........ relaxing?????? I’m not a weirdo....
KikiMu 15 godzin temu
Зачем? У животных нет чувства меры в еде
haris khan
haris khan 18 godzin temu
This channel is all good vibes
Star Blossom
Star Blossom 19 godzin temu
I'm allergic to peanuts
FidgetGirl 19 godzin temu
That must took a lot of iron
Yuan Bernard C De Arce
Yuan Bernard C De Arce 19 godzin temu
did he cut the cats
ki wan
ki wan 20 godzin temu
chicken tikka masala
Debbie Bradley
Debbie Bradley 20 godzin temu
Oh my goodness!!! Lucky Rachelle .....now I am starving
Debbie Bradley
Debbie Bradley 20 godzin temu
This is like meditation ....so soothing to watch. Thank you. I love your videos.
Thesherno567 Ofcallofduty
Thesherno567 Ofcallofduty 20 godzin temu
lol your cats live like royals
Rey 21 godzinę temu
everyones commenting on the butterfly but NO ONES GONNA TALK ABOUT THAT HE MADE HIS OWN BUTTER OR NAH
Sunny Park
Sunny Park 21 godzinę temu
the music is too noisy and loud
Vault Boi
Vault Boi 21 godzinę temu
This man is so talented- I legit thought he worked at a Michelin starred restaurant in the past. He’s got the fancy tools and equipment! I work at a restaurant myself, and wow am I jealous of this talent! Regardless- I too want to be like this guy- going to a local farm for the ingredients and have those fancy tools.
Emilie Holmström
Emilie Holmström 21 godzinę temu
What kind of cat do you have?
Armand Diaz
Armand Diaz 22 godzin temu
Noone:....... Jun:*casually leaves cameras in every drawer and fridge
Rey 22 godzin temu
the first time the butterfly landed on his hand i was impresssed. but the butterfly flew away and then we see two more shots of the same butterfly on his hand. this means that the butterfly flew BACK onto jun's hand a few times to get these shots. i am VERY impressed
A P 22 godzin temu
Coming back to look at that incredible mushroom shop again
Kiran A S
Kiran A S 23 godzin temu
This is most satisfying video
InitialError 23 godzin temu
whats the name of the piano song called PLEASE IM GETTING DESPERATE
Josh Leach
Josh Leach 23 godzin temu
Jun: able to make effortless and precise cuts quickly Me: manages to cut myself while making a bloody smoothy
Geko Dzień temu
This guy is the Bob Ross of cooking.
ginnyXP Dzień temu
Incredible! Love your videos!!
Johnathan Scott
Johnathan Scott Dzień temu
Like how you drop the leaf in the water and cut it with ease
Wolf 144x
Wolf 144x Dzień temu
Felt like I was watching a anime training montage to take down the villain.
SIH Dzień temu
Wow!! I love this video.
1973Washu Dzień temu
I like the idea of not cooking the vegetables in the curry. Also I like Thai green curry.
Mystic Flower
Mystic Flower Dzień temu
Please explain how your filtration system works!
Brandon Basualdo
Brandon Basualdo Dzień temu
era joda rey uwu
JoyfulBlooms Dzień temu
too cute, I want a cat like that!
alluzHD Dzień temu
Mitä käytit veitsen kiilloitukseen
Ash Williams
Ash Williams Dzień temu
1st sharpen knive 2nd cat 😮🤡
Sacharizza Dzień temu
I keep coming back to watch this again because it's SO freaking lovely! Also, in case anyone else wants to know (and since I spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure it out), the music tracks used are A Walk in the Clouds by Howard Harper-Barnes and Spring Morning by Peter Sandberg.
Ye Dzień temu
My favorite curry is penang :)
YELNΛTS Dzień temu
This dude is living in a Studio Ghibli film and I’m here for it
林檎とタピオカ Dzień temu
えっ!? 包丁よりも包丁捌きの方に目がいっちゃうんですけど 料理人か何かですか?
Анастасия Дмитрачкова
Анастасия Дмитрачкова Dzień temu
Поки самый прошареный) и так дадут! 🤗
MakotoManiac Dzień temu
When Haku had the butterfly right in his face and was sniffing it I half-expected him to eat it
Valerie Shepherd
Valerie Shepherd Dzień temu
We don't need this in my house... my Maine coon girl just stares at you til you get up and do her bidding. BOSS GIRL lol xxx
Angie Vel
Angie Vel Dzień temu
i love the view!! the landscape is amazing
m0th Dzień temu
some people: Cats are terrible, they bite, scratch and will not be affectionate towards you. They kill small animals and destroy your furniture and life. Jun's cats: Dad, when's the food ready?
Phoenix Reid
Phoenix Reid Dzień temu
Holy shit
Emma Snyder
Emma Snyder Dzień temu
But what kind of rice did u use, can the minute rice (red box) work?
Michel Charles SPIEVAK
Michel Charles SPIEVAK Dzień temu
Belle installation, bravo 👋🇫🇷
BuriedFlame Dzień temu
1:18 And now I'm reminded of that classic TV commercial where they cut a beer can in half then cut thin slices of tomato right afterwards.
nguyen phamkhoi
nguyen phamkhoi Dzień temu
your knife skilll is perfect Jun :)))) I admire you a lot. thanks for show us how cooking can be so beautiful, again I'm a man but your knife look soo cool.
zeckody Dzień temu
If this guy became a cook at a restaurant he would sharpen the food
Meliodes Lostvayne
Meliodes Lostvayne Dzień temu
No one gonna talk how surprised the cat in the back was at 3:14
Richard Vegas
Richard Vegas Dzień temu
Is nobody gonna talk about how he cooked it wrapped in paper towel?
Richard Vegas
Richard Vegas Dzień temu
I have Questions...
Kar Dzień temu
He:cutting stuff with the knife My face:😯
rundown imposter
rundown imposter Dzień temu
Interesting way of making a beef Wellington never heard of one not using crepes and cooking the mushrooms after (blending) and adding breading crumbs but the steak has to be pink
Megan Star
Megan Star Dzień temu
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Lisa Defries
Lisa Defries Dzień temu
Tut tut Cats learning to ring a bell indeed 😂🤣😂🤣 They are very beautiful 😻
The Hamster Society
The Hamster Society Dzień temu
I always wondered why he only demonstrated with only vegetables with that knife then i realized that was a vegetable knife
小寄道人 Dzień temu
Marvelous!  以前、奥さんとのチャンネル観たことがあり、1年して偶然にここに来た。じゅん君が料理人とは知らなかった。鮮やかで堂々たる、身のこなしです。撮影のクオリティが凄い。最初の棚田の景色にやられた。素材のこだわり、生産者とのつながり、包丁さばき。Beautiful! カレールー、とんかつ、仕上げへの努力がパーフェクトです。登録します! Amazing!  いつかシェアさせてもらいます。
Stabbceasar Dzień temu
Hey y’all, I don’t know if someone’s also said this, but if you want a butterfly to land on you, try exercising for a bit and then be still. Butterflies will actually drink your sweat for all of your salts and stuff. Apparently they like it. And plus, you also need to have butterflies around
C W Dzień temu
I think, based on the professional look that you give off I believe it tastes very tasty. Which leads me to my point, I think you should open up a restaurant. If you don’t already have one Edit: also you are one of my greatest inspirations and I look up to you. Thank you for making this PLpost channel
Snigdha Dey
Snigdha Dey Dzień temu
Okay that mushroom store was beautiful
McKenzie Cline
McKenzie Cline Dzień temu
I feel like one of Jun’s cats watching him slice all those vegetables
The mix chanel
The mix chanel Dzień temu
Kereeeeeen 🔥🔥❤❤💯💯
Doğa Dzień temu
MIAW MIAW N word Dzień temu
JUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Why aren't you uploading anymore ;(