Like an animatoh
Like an animatoh 21 godzinę temu
12:48 Bruh
alyssa mora
alyssa mora 21 godzinę temu
wish my life looked as peaceful as this but god really said nah
MyoStudio 21 godzinę temu
Poki is...POKI.
OPIL mask
OPIL mask 21 godzinę temu
animal abuse
Cyber Legend
Cyber Legend 21 godzinę temu
Just like a dog.
surveyguyor 22 godzin temu
WHOA !!!! N95 !!! Flashback!!!! The only ones now are stacked in manufacturers plants (nobody can buy so they are shutting the US factories down. Citizens cannot buy, only hospitals, and they don't need anymore.)
Theresa M
Theresa M 22 godzin temu
60+million views!!! Holy cow. I need a YT channel.
surveyguyor 22 godzin temu
Hello, At the beginning of the video, can you tell me that road/beach? I am wondering if it's the road to the airport.
Desért• [TR]
Desért• [TR] 22 godzin temu
Poki is very cute
Reginna Trindade de Almeida
Reginna Trindade de Almeida 22 godzin temu
Coitado do gato!!conforme o arroz foi pipocando o gato foi se queimando 🥵
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow 23 godzin temu
Great attitude.
who do you think iam?
who do you think iam? 23 godzin temu
I swear why and how is the bug landing on his finger I have so many question i want to ask.
Katy B
Katy B 23 godzin temu
im bound to make this for my cat
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris 23 godzin temu
We need a petition to make Jun the Disney princess of the year (This joke was probably stolen)
ロズウェルタイム 23 godzin temu
😻❤️(=^ェ^=) 👍
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris 23 godzin temu
Can we talk about how his knife has a screw to keep it from falling out of the sheath, like damn that professional as fuck and this guy “isn’t a pro chef”, what kind of home cook has a knife that needs a screw to sheath it.
Loaf Boii
Loaf Boii 23 godzin temu
“The internet is a dark and toxic place” The internet:
きすけ Dzień temu
Márius Bogdán
Márius Bogdán Dzień temu
Very beautiful and lovely cats!
NIAZ RAHMAN Dzień temu
You are not allowed to pass the "I am not a robot" test if you did not smile during this video😍
lj zb
lj zb Dzień temu
“All the shirts are quite long so they can fit any size” /cries in 5ft/
lj zb
lj zb Dzień temu
Love the video but mineral oil is really bad for you (and the environment)
Thomas Myles
Thomas Myles Dzień temu
I wish my beautiful 19 yo deaf three legged boy could have this. Hes the nicest cat ever....
Arya Winata Eriadi
Arya Winata Eriadi Dzień temu
If the cat smells tthe food it means that the food
Alfiyyah Ulya
Alfiyyah Ulya Dzień temu
60M? Goshhh. I was here when it still less than 10M. Congrats jun!
Melvi Garcia
Melvi Garcia Dzień temu
Que romántico 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Amo ver personas así de enamoradas
Nasrin Marzuki
Nasrin Marzuki Dzień temu
Can i touch your cat please
Geministar616 Dzień temu
lol you’re gonna regret this
Diyana Laurenthia
Diyana Laurenthia Dzień temu
cute 😻😻
Haim Park
Haim Park Dzień temu
But cats bite if you do that
_ Kulio _
_ Kulio _ Dzień temu
Это шикарно!)
Elif pelit
Elif pelit Dzień temu
Şüheda Dzień temu
aşırı güzel bir video
CitrusMcOrange Dzień temu
2:35 oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo...
Niamhs band stuff
Niamhs band stuff Dzień temu
First step: hold their paw My cat always removes it straight away <\3
Samaya H
Samaya H Dzień temu
Sweet babies😍
AndroWalker Dzień temu
Were these not cgi lol..?
surveyguyor Dzień temu
I also let my cat smell everything. My narrative goes "Again, that doesn't smell edible. What a waste of time, stupid human".
surveyguyor Dzień temu
my kitty turns 19 next month. Just 6 months ago she started something new. a very-very gentle touch when she wants something. different than she ever did before. (keep in mind, she's been pretty energetic her whole previous life, just now slowing down like any other cat would have 10 years ago).
Shigumchi Dwaynejanggook
Shigumchi Dwaynejanggook Dzień temu
돈까스카레시켜달라고해야지 군침이 싹도노~
surveyguyor Dzień temu
awesome. That sneeze is to blow the smell across the olfactory glands. You can see dogs do it all the time as they sniff. They actually smell, then "huff" it blows what they just sniffed, across the olfactory glands and out the other holes in their snout. it doesn't really blow it back out the nose like a sneeze.
Selma Zengin
Selma Zengin Dzień temu
This is not training. You can not train a cat. You are leaving them hungary and thats why they stay on your head all the time cause they want to eat something they want to be pet damn!
sultan hadi muzakki
sultan hadi muzakki Dzień temu
he got blessed on his hand
BabyGravy Dzień temu
Cats have their own personal chef. I need to step my game up.
Valiant Poseidon
Valiant Poseidon Dzień temu
7:30 this is like if you won the lottery and were automatically forced to share
宮島優心くんは私の希望。 Dzień temu
私は日本人です。 私はこの人をすごいと思います。
eLo Dzień temu
What do you do for living ? Him : it's complicated
Marilyn Walker
Marilyn Walker Dzień temu
So beautiful ❤️
Tulsi Biyani
Tulsi Biyani Dzień temu
What a beautiful video! I just amazed seeing the training !
8D Japanese Music
8D Japanese Music Dzień temu
I don't think this guy is an Japanese people His accent sounds like American accent bruh wha
ᴠɪxᴇɴ xxɪɪ
ᴠɪxᴇɴ xxɪɪ Dzień temu
why these cats livin a better life than me what
IYAS TV Dzień temu
My cat also loves to roll out his body when he’s outside, im thinking that he likes to play
Kim Mim
Kim Mim Dzień temu
Darryl Birdsall
Darryl Birdsall Dzień temu
The cats are at peace. It was amazing how the one cat simply admired the butterfly but didn't harm it. Beautiful animals.
Lisa gaming Fan
Lisa gaming Fan Dzień temu
I wanna buy the knife now-
Irish Demon
Irish Demon Dzień temu
I would love to see your spin on bbg or Cajun food
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris Dzień temu
Man, didn’t know Chicago looked so clean.
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris Dzień temu
It was a joke, plz don’t hate me
HiRO DESU Dzień temu
The cats was like jun don't you dare sit or we will ring this again and feed us hahaha
So cuuuuuute and soft 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Grace Dzień temu
Here for the cat, stayed for the video
Leo Wang
Leo Wang Dzień temu
Him doing it: work of art Me doing it: Explosion
Saphina River
Saphina River Dzień temu
all the dislikes are the people who don’t have a good cat 🐈
Gaby Dersch
Gaby Dersch Dzień temu
Great. Thank you. God bless you. 🐈💗➕💗🐈
ダウンタウン Dzień temu
ダウンタウン Dzień temu
ダウンタウン Dzień temu
ダウンタウン Dzień temu
ダウンタウン Dzień temu
voltifer Dzień temu
I would eat that
PickledAir Dzień temu
I like getting pinned comments with lots of likes
Reincarnation Dzień temu
If I were to be a cat, I would like to be with Jun, he is an amazing person. I would also like to live near him as a human...LOL!
김경태 Dzień temu
그러니까 audi _ run 이라는 중간계 대륙 대전투 회원이 사시미 칼로 내 목에 내리쳤는데 잘못 내리쳐서 자신의 살갗 살점을 42g 정도 베었었다고 들었다.
Arlette Rosa
Arlette Rosa Dzień temu
Ewwww.. You touch the cat...then you make them breathe on your food...just not hygienic....they have different kin of germ and bacteria....and hair...you need a microscope
Reincarnation Dzień temu
He is a cat whisperer....I want to live close to him. 🥰 😻
Vanilla Pod
Vanilla Pod Dzień temu
Planning to make this for my cat. Thanks Jun!
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith Dzień temu
Your videos bring me so much joy. Your cats are so adorable ❤️
Carolyn Harper
Carolyn Harper Dzień temu
Very cute critters. They secretly wish that they had opposable thumbs so that they can open doors, etc. Like the Bullet train in the bike ride portion!
Cursive Dzień temu
i had this video playing in the background and wasn't paying attention, then at 7:48 i thought i heard "insult the meat" and i was like "wait wtf insult the meat??" then i went on the video and saw that he said "and salt the meat" smh my head
Sparrow Dzień temu
I love when these cats eat sloppily and get the fish everywhere, it serves as the perfect reminder that dogs are better than cats
youngjijijiji Dzień temu
切れ味良さそう ってコメントした後に実際に切れ味が良いの見せてくれた